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What are the Important COVID-19 Safety Practices in Installation of Residential Off-grid Solar System?

COVID-19 has changed the process of working in industrial, institutional, government, private, and all other sectors. Working remotely is the “New-Normal” since the pandemic started. With the pandemic at bay, the government of India has released the lockdown in various working sectors including the energy sector.


Due to increasing time spent at home, a large number of homeowners are opting for residential rooftop solar to reduce their electricity bills and to utilize their terraces to spend time. The installation process of the residential off-grid solar system is now done with complete precaution and in a hygienic manner as recommended by various health organizations.


Maintaining hygiene while installing the residential off-grid solar system-


  • The initial stage-

For introducing off-grid solar energy on the top of your home, the initial step is to direct a total study of the rooftop. Contactless site visits are made to direct reviews of private universes. Advanced meters are utilized to gauge the components of the roof as opposed to estimating tapes, making it a contactless site visit.


  • The second stage-

In the subsequent stage, the residential solar system is planned distantly and the items are conveyed to the site of the private nearby planetary group establishment. Every one of the items is cleaned, securely pressed, and shipped off the area. Till this stage, there is no actual contact and communication with clients. HomeScape utilizes its committed truck for conveying things and guarantees a significant degree of wellbeing and cleanliness during transportation.


  • Third stage-

After the product delivery, the engineers and technicians assigned to the installation, visit the location. All employees of HomeScape are trained to maintain social distancing and hygiene.


Maintaining hygiene during solar installation:


These are some guidelines that have to be followed while installing solar panels on the roof, during the installation process.


  • The colleagues need to compulsorily wear an N-95 mask while installing off-grid solar system, all through the establishment period. 
  • The individuals should wear gloves and focus on every one of the important defensive pinion wheels for the establishment. 
  • The individuals should convey sanitizers and clean their hands much of the time staying away from pointless collaboration with the clients. 
  • The gear utilized in the establishment interaction ought to be cleaned routinely. 
  • Every one of the individuals should go through clinical trials to do their work. 
  • Any part who is debilitated ought not to proceed with his/her work introducing the private close planetary system. They should home isolate for in any event 14 days to guarantee the wellbeing of other team individuals. 
  • The team individuals ought to keep away from pointless discussions with other group individuals. 
  • The individuals from the group ought to keep up 6ft separation from one another. 
  • The individuals ought to bring his/her own assets (bottles, lunchbox) if necessary and try not to acquire things from other colleagues.
  • The crew members should avoid unnecessary conversations with other crew members.
  • The members of the team should maintain 6ft distance from each other.
  • The members should bring his/her own belongings (bottles, lunchbox) if needed and avoid borrowing things from other team members.


off-grid solar system


An off-grid solar energy system Australia provides real freedom and independence from energy providers and their bills.

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