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Advanced Orthodontic Treatments in Brooklyn

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry dealing with the skeletal aspect of your dental structure, and it is also known as dento-orthopaedics. An orthodontist is trained to treat a plethora of pathological conditions such as malocclusion, an improper bite, spacing between teeth, straightening crooked teeth, missing lateral incisors, midline discrepancy and many more. Dental appliances of both fixed and removable types are also used for correcting teeth alignments and other abnormalities.

Suppose you are looking for an Orthodontist in Brooklyn for any minor or significant orthodontic problem. In that case, it is essential to opt for a qualified orthodontist offering all kinds of treatments and having access to advanced equipment.

These are some of the common treatments offered by a good orthodontic clinic in Brooklyn.

Preventive treatments

Orthodontic screenings are offered for children aged 7-10 years. Screening assesses the dentofacial structure of the child and pinpoints the developing abnormalities which need treatment to avoid future problems.  Such treatments include prevention of canine impaction, correction of malocclusion in early stages without extraction, correcting developing open bites caused by thumb sucking or tongue thrusting, correcting spaces between teeth due to premature loss of a baby tooth, abnormal skeletal growth and many more.

Surgical treatments

Surgical orthodontic treatments are required to correct improper development of the jaw. The jaw anomalies are corrected to improve the ability to chew, speak, breathe and overall facial appearance. In case of improper development of the lower jaw, the treatment features removing jaw bone behind the teeth and movement of the teeth bearing portion of the jaw either in the forward or backward direction. In upper jaw surgery, it is either pushed forward or pulled back or raised or lowered. Jaw and other facial bones can also be removed or augmented to correct jaw deformities.


The best orthodontic clinics offer conventional, self-ligating, clear, Invisalign and lingual types of Braces in Brooklyn for children, adolescents and adults. Both fixed and removable braces are offered depending upon the specific conditions of the patients.

Conventional braces are made of wires and braces. The orthodontist places brackets at particular positions on the teeth, and the wire is fixed inside such brackets. The elastic bands are used to keep the wires and brackets fixed. Braces bring misaligned teeth into the proper position and maintain them in their correct positions, thereby correcting the problem.

Self-ligating braces don't need elastic bands because their sliding mechanism enables easy adjustment of the archwire with every movement of teeth. Lingual braces are fixed at the back of the teeth, which mean they are not visible in the mouth.

Clear braces straighten teeth but are not noticeable. Invisalign refers to a set of clear removable aligners worn and removed in a sequence to straighten teeth.


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