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Beginning Guide to Yoga Schools in India

In today’s fitness consciousness, every one of us strives to look young and energetic. Most of us opt for gym for regular exercises, take diet pills or look for some weight loss programs. One of

How Yoga Can Make You More Productive at Work

Such are the work pressures today that working overtime has become a necessity. And despite the exhaustion, we need to remain focused. In order to meet the work targets, most of us fall prey to some a

Tips on Choosing the Right Yoga Retreat

After practicing yoga for a while, most people naturally become more dedicated towards yoga practice. As they begin to feel the changes yoga practice is bringing in them, they simply wish to go deeper

4 Tips to Get Your Yoga Practice Going

Yoga practice rejuvenates us. Once you start learning yoga at a local studio, it naturally inspires you to wake up a little earlier and be in the class on time. However, often people instead of going

Surya Namaskar: A Complete Workout

Surya Namaskar is a popular sequence of poses in yoga. Since this sequence requires us to involve every body part, and affects all body organs, it is often referred as a complete workout. ‘Surya

4 Signs Your Yoga Practice is Benefitting You

People often begin yoga practice as a mere try, but end up being its regular practitioners, and some go as far as becoming yoga teachers. On the contrary, some people begin yoga practice with every in

5 Yoga Fundamentals that You Probably Overlooked

Wherever you learn yoga, whether at a local yoga studio, at home classes or ata yoga center in Rishikesh, everywhere you feel the same eagerness about learning new things. And this eagerness continues

How Yoga is Beneficial for Teenagers

Teenage is a difficult period for children and parents alike. Various thoughts run in a teenager’s mind about countless personal and social concerns. It is the period when a person begins to und

Positive Effects of Yoga on Children

A clay pot can only be molded when the clay is still wet. Similarly, our childhood years are formative years for building a healthy mind and body. . Physically, we grow for about 20 years. Our brain t

How to Make Your Yoga Practice More Enjoyable

Whether you are taking yoga teacher training in Rishikesh or have just begun your yoga voyage as newbie at a local yoga studio, the only way to make most out of your yoga practice is to first learn ho

Learn How Yoga Mudras Empower your Yoga Practice

Generally, yoga practice is perceived as a combination of yoga poses and breathing patterns; consequently, practitioners ignore some small but vital things about it. While practicing poses accurately

4 Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Whether you are at a yoga retreat in Rishikesh or at a local yoga studio, your instructor is likely to ask you to engage your core in your yoga practice. Reason being, core muscles are involved in pra

Benefits of Joining an Ayurveda Yoga Retreat

Yoga is a deep practice and apart from numerous asanas and pranayamas, there are a number of ancient and modern sciences and philosophies associated with it. One such concept is Ayurveda, which has be

Understand How Yoga Helps Keep Stress at Bay

No one ever said that life is easy. Irrespective of the family background or one’s social status, life can be extremely stressful and challenging. Especially, if you have a hectic schedule and y