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The Sticky Tape!

     Buying a new Toyota 4Runner SUV on my birthday which has an excellent off-road ability and strong V6 engine .It's also useful for carrying people and cargo thanks to its availa

The Owner Pride!

Ever since I got a job as an executive director I have been decided for relocation to East Haddam from Mystic.  I have a beautiful house in Mystic along with 1500+ sq. feat exceptionally sunny To

The Pride Machine

The race is postponed to next week, that is Friday and I really want to get the scorebroad settled with my opponent Rajiv. He has being winning the race since past two years of St. Peter's College

The Verged!

Starting a new brand of my parent company in India was a firm decision. Apart from having my own in-house advertising firm for my parent company all I needed was to develop a subsidiary department for

The digital buzz

I was one of the lucky few who had the knowledge and opportunity to study during a time when the country was grappling with a weak economy and poverty. Typical of that time, we went to England and stu

Throwback Thursday!

Weekend was arriving and this Thursday we were about to visit the place where all it began. I was more affiliated with the thought of seeing my old school friends back in the village of Rampur. Though

The Awakening!

I always knew that there remains a charismatic personality inside me that urges to open up in-front of the world but, there always stays a dilemma within that a mere housewife who has loads of respons

The Social Pro!

Online advertising has increased demands in recent times. For me to catch up a web-site for posting the ad and finding vocational education program for my daughter was a rather inappropriate cause its

The Inception

Passive sentences bore people. We needed to be more active with our clients in terms of giving them feedback to improve their brand and for that we were going to have a new launch to an ‘eco-fri

Once Upon A Time

While I was living an ordinary life where chances of unusual miracles happening are lesser but the play maker had tastemakers to be added in. I was searching for a new life, a new beginning. Rasterizi

Catch the new-wave!

Generally, we don’t think about generating reach or focusing on targets when it comes to creating new clients on an occasional sell or purchase. The terms are decided, only if the bid is accordi

Revamp The Closet!

I never thought that my life would take a 360 degree turn while, I was just in the middle of a summersault.  To win the title for Youtube most popular video channel was like a miracle, that happe

The Garage Sale!

‘We must be the change; we wish to see in the world’ and this was just the beginning. The remodeling process is constant and we have come up with many new techniques and ideas. This year i