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Write An In-Depth Content To Wow The Readers And Improve Seo

These days merely putting up short and informative blog posts can no longer fetch you higher Google rankings. While you are the one who is investing your hard earned money on an SEO writer, but it is your rivalries’ websites where your readers are turning up to gather information. This must be prevented right away! But how? Start creating high-quality content before no one else provides. Pick a topic, do incisive research on it, collect data from primary as well as secondary resources and write in a layman’s language.

Though it is in the human nature to dislike longer content or longer videos, sometimes it is not true. Writing factual blog posts backed by pieces of evidence, surveys and case studies can engage a hell of a lot of audience. Choose a topic that you think will certainly benefit your targeted readers.

There are several advantages of writing longer blog posts.

Thorough research and long description leads to the production of superior quality content.
It will help you to shun those readers who are not at all serious about your company.
It gives you the chance to add more visual content.
The Search engines respond faster to longer content.
Chances of sharing content by the people increase when there is more content.

Now coming to the types of content you should choose that demands a deeper digging, there are five amazing options to choose from.

1. White Papers: According to the Wikipedia definition, whitepapers are informative documents used by government, educational institutions etc. The concept of White Paper has been widely accepted by the businesses houses and is mostly used by them to engage and educate the potential customers. A white paper basically helps the readers to gain knowledge about a specific product or service, its benefits, recommendations, solutions.

2. Case Studies: If you decide to present a case study on one of your products or services, then definitely it requires you to write a lot. The reason is that case studies cover a wide array of things. You need to pick a problem, the root cause of the problem, a comprehensive solution to it and the final outcome. The engagement proportion is highest in Case-studies because people are always keen to find out the end result.

3. Longer Blog Posts: Sometimes, writers choose one broad topic and then start publishing a series on that topic separately. Instead of doing this, one can club them together and post it as a single post. This has two benefits –First, it will keep the audience glued to the post for a longer time and second, it is good for SEO rankings.

4. Informational Video Content: This is another smart way to engage the readers. Videos grab attention more quickly than anything else and hence if you post a longer video containing valuable information, then it will undoubtedly improve SEO.

5. Featured articles: It is almost the same as that of a long blog post. Featured articles demand well-researched content, quotes from the authors, papers, or books to validate the information provided. This type of article is generally around 1500 words and is extremely useful to the person who reads.

Lastly, apart from the above-mentioned tips you should try to present your content or post in the most beautiful manner by putting relevant images of high-resolution, break them into paragraphs, use bulleted points and subheadings to highlight the most important portions. By following these simple rules, you can wow the readers and in no time your website will reach the top of the Google page. To get high-quality service of a Web Designer in Port Saint Lucie, please visit


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The author is a web strategist at Wheelistic Web Design who is an avid writer on topics related to web designing, graphic designing and branding.

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