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Working Mothers are in a Search of a Good Day Care in East Hanover, NJ

The term “Momazonians” refers to the group of mothers having young children back home working for Amazon. March 2019 witnessed an urge from these mothers to the company for arranging affordable Day care East Hanover, NJ. More than 2000 amazon employees who are mothers at the same time run this campaign along with gathering information on child care. They brought out the fact that how young and talented mothers are being unable to progress further in their career due to the lack of affordable and proper child care. They can’t proceed leaving their kids alone at home when they don’t have any support. These employees urged to the employer to subsidize a backup if they don’t have a solution on their own. A number of mothers have left their jobs for not arranging any suitable care option for their children.  But quitting can not be a solution to such a problem.

Companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google are ahead with their human resource policies and they offer good facilities for employees who are moms. Such a huge campaign run by Momazonians surely brought out the actual scenario between access to affordable. This also focuses on the quality child care and labor force participation in terms of mothers. This is not possible for ay company to solve the crisis of a Toddler care East Hanover, NJ. They can not even solve this national issue as well. Only a few days back up may resolve the issue temporarily but not a solution to the problem. Parents need a service for their kids for a good coordination with a full-time year around support.

In this recent era parents need to make a choice between spending a good amount of money for their child care or quitting job. They chose to spend significant amount of their salary rather than quitting the job permanently. Though they face subsequent result and consequences. Most of the parents select to pay much rather than leaving their kids to a low-quality Toddler care East Hanover, NJ. There are certain serious issues related to child care and this leads a number of parents leading them to get rid of workforce at an alarming rate. It is surveyed that an estimated 2 million parents decided to quit their jobs due to the child care factor in the year 2016. This is really alarming for any parent to be.

Mothers are facing this challenge as a barrier to their career more than the father. Even after quitting their jobs, mothers need to take the disproportionate responsibility of an unpaid service when the family does not find any solution. A survey was done in 2018 where it is observed that mother have faced more impact on their profession rather than fathers due to the lack of good Day care East Hanover, NJ. Mothers have to make job decisions of the basis of their child’ need and demand. They consider their children more than financial situation and career goals. This is obvious that due to the lack of good child care mothers prefer to sacrifice their profession.



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