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Why video walls stand out in the crowd?

If you recently attended a trade show or seminar, it is probable you watched sellers employing a video wall to show services and products.  This way of presenting is quite popular because it reaches out into the audience getting their attention, frequently better than the salesman behind the table.  The cost and burden of high heeled Retail LED solution and televisions are trending lower, and when combined with video wall components it makes this an appealing option for many distinct venues.


Initially, this sort of advertising was utilized exclusively in displays and trade shows.  However, with the constant drop in the price of a high profile tv, video walls started showing up in areas outside the exhibit floor such as a corporate office lobby, in the airport, hotel and retail stores.  LCD or plasma displays are designed as one or multiple movie wall panel configurations.   The area necessary to establish a video wall is based upon the size of the screen.


In the previous times, the video wall hardware has been a lot bulkier; however now displays are incredibly lightweight, simple to mount onto a wall and very affordable.  Additionally, the shows offer a higher resolution in comparison to predecessors.




You will wonder how those tv panels have been controlled.  This can be done with a control system.  This is a complex, yet user-friendly appliance that's installed in a workplace or cupboard usually located a remote from the panel of displays.  A tech configures the groups to show various pictures on different boards leave one image on multiple displays.  This provides a demonstration that's readily altered to match the message or audience.


 Usually, the management process is set away from your board allowing a technician to configure the images and settings manually.  The movie wall applications are intended to be comfortable enough and don't need complex training.  Technical professionals understand how to prepare and configure those systems in one session.


The advantages of these sorts of visual advertising tools are readily available to any company and not confined to those with big tech and advertising budgets.  They may be configured to permit interaction with the passerby or programmed to stream video or pictures 24 hours a day.  People are drawn to the tv screen creating video walls an entire process to provide a highly targeted material to the audience.


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Raven is an electronic engineer & outbound marketer by profession. He writes for and has five years of experience in the consumer electronics market.



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