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Why Mulching Can Be Your Lawn’s Best Source of Nourishment

Mulching can be a great way to enrich and nourish your lawn. It will fertilize your lawn in the best way possible and that too in the most cost effective way. The organic matter that you are collecting from your lawn itself, such as dry leaves and grass clippings would be utilized in a proper way to be given back to it for securing maximum benefits. Such a process is known as mulching. One of the key steps to optimize and improve the overall health of your lawn is mulching.

The benefits of mulching your lawn are multiple.

It's cost effective no doubts: You need to buy fertilizers to ensure the healthy growth of plants. If organic the cost would be good enough. When you mulch your lawn, the lawn itself acts as the source from where you procure all the organic stuffs. Thus you are bearing no extra expenses as such.

It's nutrition packed: No lesser than a fertilizer it is, instead highly beneficial for curtailing down the expenses of buying surplus fertilizers. Through mulching you can give your lawn back its own nutrients and the most important three components, Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus in about 4%, 2% and 1% respectively which comprises of approximately 25% of the lawn's total nutritional need per year. It's huge at a single go. Your lawn requires lesser fertilization for mulching accomplishes one third of it.

It's time saving: You need not rake up grass or leaves and need not dump the garbage trolley with loads of waste from your lawn. Mulching thus makes a lesser use of your money, labor and energy.

Keeps the soil hydrated: Mulching improves the soil's water retention power to keep it more hydrated.

Other benefits: Through mulching, soil erosion can be prevented, weed growth can be controlled and nutrition assimilation of the lawn can be made more effective. Mulching also helps in insulating the soil do ad to protect it from temperature and climatic extremities. Last but not the least, it also helps in preventing soil compaction and in reducing the damage made by lawn mowing.

Thus mulch your lawn as per the need. There are some techniques of mulching leaves and grass clippings which you need to know properly before you mulch your lawn. It is always better if you avail some reliable professional help. You can make the task easier by hiring lawn maintenance Scottsdale, under Mast Lawn Care.


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