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Why Late Winter Is The Ideal Time For Pruning Trees

The month of February and the month of March all through, marks the dormant phase for the plants and for pruning this span is considered to be the prime period or so to say the ideal time. Plants are further strengthened and welfare is reached to the community trees by pruning them during this phase as wound recovery and healing gathers pace and rapidity and healthier development is ensured as the time for new growth approaches. The impact of pruning, something which is apparently adverse on plants is considered to be much lesser during the month of February and March that is late winter.

However, for some trees like maple, brich, walnut and elms pruning in late winter may result in excess sap secretion. No matter what, it is not deemed to be harmful or detrimental for them.

As you prune, you need to keep in mind certain healthy practices:

  • Pruning trees arbitrarily is nothing but a stupidity. Thus have your objectives clearly sorted out and at your discretion prune only those parts that will promote the plant's healthier growth and development.
  • Be observing and prune all dead leaves, torn and broken stems and branches.
  • Be structurally neat and precise. Make sure that you are maintaining a steady vertical top stem that would be the leader or the support system of the plants growth. Avoid pruning much at the top of the plants.
  • Keep a neat spacing between the main branches and the trunk and also avoid the growth of branches too high once it approaches near the permanent canopy.
  • Be aware that you prune at the right part. To be precise pruning must always be done just outside the branch collar (the area where a miniature bough leaves the main branch or a larger one or at times the trunk. This can be detected if the branches are wrinkled at the point.
  • Don't be reckless while pruning and limit pruning those that are newly planted. While pruning the criss crossed stems that interferes with the growth of the main plant or the branch or while discarding the senile branches don't mindlessly prune the newly planted plants.
  • Avoid giving the plants much stress, by pruning too much of it over a single year. Do it a bit by bit.
  • Don't underestimate the importance of mulching. Mulching would help in recycling the pruned limbs.

For pruning trees in the correct manner, the help of a professional is a must. If you are not that confident to do it all alone, get in touch with the lawn cleanup Scottsdale, under Mast Lawn Care.


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