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Why Every Serious Yoga Practitioner Should Become a Yoga Teacher

Not every practitioner at a teacher training has the ambition of becoming a yoga teacher. In fact, many practitioners join a teacher training simply because they have developed an affinity towards yoga and want to go deeper into its practice. But a teacher training might bring some changes in a practitioner’s mind that may change the whole course of rest of his yoga journey.

This ancient workout benefits us physically, mentally, as well as spiritually. As mentioned earlier, a teacher training brings in a practitioner’s life some profound changes. For instance, every practitioner feels the urge to spread the message of yoga, so that people around him can benefit from it. And when you manifest this feeling into practice then you come to realize that helping others is also helping you.

Here is how teaching yoga will take your overall yoga experience to a new level.

Watch others grow happier and healthier

The biggest wealth in the world is to have satisfaction in one’s life. Yoga puts our body and mind at rest and leads us towards a better lifestyle. This satisfaction in life reaches new heights when we help others in achieving the same. Besides, in return of a few instructions you get others’ invaluable thankfulness.

Become more committed towards your own practice

People often fall back into their stressful lifestyle even after going through a teacher training, since they fail to put constant efforts that yoga practice requires. But if you take the responsibility of teaching others, you would never compromise with your personal practice. Reason being, as a teacher you need to set an example for your students. And this need naturally makes you more sincere towards your practice.

Feel more connected

Yoga changes the way we see things around us in a positive way. This feeling of connectedness augments on its own when you teach yoga to others. When you teach yoga, you become aware of others’ need. And with this you naturally establish a good relationship with your students.

Continue the Learning Process

An urge of spreading yoga’s message comes on its own in practitioners’ mind. Besides, keeping one’s knowledge to oneself only limits it. In addition, yoga is so vast that you would never stop learning new things. Therefore, one should always seek ways to learn more of it. When you teach yoga, you come across some new and unexpected challenges through your students, which bring in you some new insights about the process. That is why teaching yoga is the best way to master it.

You may take yoga instructor training in Rishikesh, or join a teacher training at a local studio;the important thing to learn is that only by spreading the message of yoga can you take your own yoga experience to the new heights.


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