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Where to Turn to When Dealing With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is an incredibly common experience affecting approximately one in six people in Australia. It can range from mild to severe, and can affect one or both ears. Further, it can stem from different causes, some neurological and some physical. With such a broad range of causes and experiences of hearing loss, it’s difficult to know when what you’re experiencing is hearing loss or something else. The first and most important step in dealing with hearing loss is to get properly checked out by an audiologist. Your audiologist can test your hearing and determine what type of hearing loss you are experiencing. After all, it could be as simple as a bit of impacted cerumen – or ear wax build up – or, it could be something a bit more serious. You won’t know until you go to a professional.

Get Your Hearing Tested by an Audiologist

An audiologist is a hearing healthcare professional that can identify, diagnose and treat disorders relating to auditory and vestibular (relating to balance) systems. They work to optimise your hearing so that you can live a virtually normal life. The first step to getting your hearing back on track is to get a hearing test. With hearing tests, there’s nothing too scary involved. The test is non-invasive, painless, and extremely easy. During the test you put on a special pair of headphones that measure your hearing on an audiometer while you listen to sounds. You may listen to a variety of tones, sounds, and words, and be tested on how different parts of your ear respond to sound. After the test, your audiologist will explain the results of your audiogram – a graph-like sheet that visualises your hearing. If your ears are functioning correctly but you still have trouble hearing, you may then be tested further for how your brain processes sound. 

While it can be scary developing hearing loss, there’s nothing to be concerned about in getting your ears tested. It’s your first step towards better, clearer hearing. Ignoring your hearing loss can impact your social and professional life, and you don’t have to put up with it. Turn to a trusted hearing healthcare clinic to determine the cause of your hearing issues. Trust Attune, Australia’s leading independent hearing healthcare provider. Attune’s team of experienced audiologists work to ensure the most accurate testing procedure and highest level of care for their patients. Enquire about a hearing test today by calling 1300 736 702 or getting in touch with us online.


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At Attune, we are not directly affiliated with any hearing aids manufacturers, which is why we can offer you a wide range of styles and brands. We aim to find the right solution for you and your lifestyle. We recommend the right solution for you based on your hearing loss and lifestyle, then you choose what you want.

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