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What Should You Expect from Floating Cork Flooring?

When you have never even considered investing in floating cork flooring, you probably do not know much about the advantages that you are missing out on. That goes for cork wall tiles also, as they offer the same benefits as tiles.

Especially when you know nothing about cork, you cannot imagine having a floor made completely out of it. Well, here are a few major facts that will make you change your mind about it. Let’s start with its price. Even if you might find it at an affordable price, you might still feel that you have to pay a small fortune because you need to invest in the services of a professional that can install your new floor. The good news is that this is not really the case as a floating floor is designed to make the installation process a breeze. You could consider it your DIY project that you can finish in a really short time.

Depending on how long it takes you to fit the tiles to create a pattern that you like the most, you might be done with the whole process in a day. You will be required to make some preparations so that you do not end up making some costly mistakes. It is also useful to know that floating cork flooring comes with a long warranty of up to 25 years. That’s amazing, if you think about it! Of course, you would need to follow some specific instructions first. For instance, one of the mistakes that you might make would be to apply the wrong kind of finish.

The problem in this case is that if the product is not water based, you risk damaging the tiles. Instead of doing everything first and deal with the consequences later, you should research the instructions and make all the required preparations, including purchasing any accessories you might need. You should expect the floor to be easy to install because the tiles are designed to have a tongue and groove, which means that you will snap them together without any real effort. Keep in mind that because natural cork does not have the same pattern everywhere, you will need to rearrange the tiles until you find the most suitable design.

You should also expect the right provider to send samples, especially if you are not convinced that one or another product is suitable for your home. When you hold the tiles in your hands and place them in the area where you intend on installing them, it is easier to see which of them fits best. The same happens when talking about cork wall tiles. They are also easy to place on the wall and will last you a lifetime as long as you know how to maintain them. Obviously, you want to prevent any liquid from infiltrating the tiles.

When talking about wall tiles, this is not really a concern, but you can still apply a coat or two of the water based polyurethane as a finish. You can choose from a wide range of colors, designs and thicknesses, depending on your needs and preferences. It would be useful to know that the thicker the tile, the better it is for homes where the insulating properties of cork are a necessity. Even if all tiles offer this advantage, the thicker ones are better. When you are concerned about the level of comfort that this kind of floor can offer you, you might want to know that it is the most comfortable option out of all the different kinds of floors you can find on the market.

When you walk on cork, your feet feel as if you are walking on air and you do not have to worry about freezing. This would also be a great idea when you have pets or small children. As you know, they constantly bump into walls or fall on the ground. Place these tiles in both areas and you will not have to worry about them getting injured. They will jump right back up without any trouble. This is also a great choice for elderly individuals as they will not suffer from serious injuries if they were to somehow slip and fall.

If you still have questions regarding floating cork flooring or would like to know more about cork wall tiles, you should know that all the information you might be looking for is just a simple click away, on our website. Pay us a visit today!


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