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What’s Involved In A Standard Dental Check-Up?

What is involved in a routine dental check-up? This is one of the most asked questions in dentistry and is something you should be aware of as it is a crucial practice to maintain good oral health.




In today’s busy world, most people are forgetting to maintain a regular visit to the dentist. This increases the risk of oral health deterioration which can result in many more serious issues such as cavities, gum diseases and tooth loss.


What To Expect In A Dental Checkup:


In most cases, checkups are conducted by dentists themselves or qualified assistant dentists. The following is what to expect in a standard dental check-up.


1.      Medical History Evaluation


This is the first thing that a dentist will do during a check-up. A dentist will inquire about previous medical and dental history. This information will include your current medication,  whether you smoke and if you consume alcohol regularly.


A dentist may also enquire if you have an underlying health condition such as diabetes or allergies or if you are currently undergoing any form of treatment.


2.      Teeth Check-up


After the medical history assessment, your dentist will conduct a checkup on your teeth, gums, supporting structure, and jaws. A thorough dental check-up is done using x-ray. This will help the dentist to check for any underlying problems with your teeth that they cannot see.


3.      Dental Cleaning


Tartar formation is common and mostly forms in hard to reach surfaces and under the gum. Your dentist will help remove these formations. Some dentists may use sophisticated tools such as ultrasonic cleaner to clean up your teeth.


After scraping off tartar, your dentist will clean your teeth and brush with fluoride. They will also recommend good oral hygiene for you to carry out at home.


4.      X-ray Results Examination


X-rays help in identifying any teeth deformation which can’t be seen with bare eyes. After the X-ray results are out, your dentist will then examine them to see if there are problems with your teeth. The results will determine whether there will be necessary follow-ups.


5.      Education


This is another thing to expect during a dental visit. Your dentist will reach you with various techniques for good oral hygiene maintenance. If you have any questions about your dental health your dentist will be happy to assist you.


These are some of the basic things to expect during a dental check-up. Depending on your specific needs the checkup may be different. It is recommended that you strictly follow the dental check-up routine.


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