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What is the difference between classic and online slots?


Web based slot machines are different from their traditional counterparts in many ways. First of all, former have more winning lines but a classic slot has only one pay line that is formed in the middle reel. You will certainly want to be member of an online casino to play web based slots that come in a wide range of choices.

Let’s start discussion on web based slot machines with understanding traditional slots

Physical slot machine

It looks more like a computer than a gaming device. The machine has a large screen with three reels. On the body, there is an opening for inserting online casino malaysia and a lever to start the game. The screen has three reels with three columns in each reel. The reels spin with push of the lever and stop abruptly. For formation of middle reel is the winning combination.

If your anticipation about the winning combination is right, you will be declared winner and the casino would provide you the winning amount. But there is only one winning line. There are little chances of your winning a slot game but it is interesting to play slots.

Web based slots

It is software but it favors players. The online casino slots Malaysia have multiple winning lines that could be in dozens. More winning lines are more chances of winning hence the probabilities of winning an online game are higher than winning a classic slot. What makes online slots more interesting is their availability in different interesting themes. These machines have themes based on popular movies like star trek, cartoon characters, nature, numbers, colors and everything you can think of.


What is interesting in slots?

When you play a slot, you play with a machine that can’t be optimized or whose software can’t be controlled. In other words, you don’t like losing when you lose a game of slot. On the contrary, you feel encouraged to play more and win more. It won’t be wrong to say that you enjoy losing slots because you know that it is purely a game of chance or luck.

Online slots give more money as they have more winning lines and these lines move in zig-zag manner. When the reels stop, you hurriedly look for your pay line and feel happy. You are a winner because there are little chances of losing a game of online slot. But never mind, if you lose online slot game.






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