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What artificial grass to choose? What you should know?

If you have already made your purchase choice, you are probably wondering if it is better to install the outdoor pet grass on earth or concrete. And it is that certainly when buying artificial grass, you have to take into account the surface, since if it is on land you may have to work a little more, carrying out a previous preparation of the terrain, and the artificial grass will require more maintenance. On the other hand, if you install it in concrete, being a ready surface, it will be easier to place the grass.

However, to answer this question you will also have to pay attention to the type of terrain because if it is for a garden or for a sports area. In sports, an artificial grass tennis court is kinder to your limbs and joints. 

It is most recommended that the artificial grass be installed on land because in the case of sports surface should be as smooth as possible to cushion falls. Likewise, if it is for the terrace or for a residential complex, you can place it on the concrete and you will save maintenance.

What artificial grass to choose?

To choose artificial grass you have to assess from the manufacturing materials to the prices of the models. The first thing you should know when buying artificial grass is where you are going to install it since if it is for an artificial balcony gardenyou should opt for decorative grass, but if it is for a soccer field it should be totally synthetic artificial grass.

Here are some aspects to consider:


The height of the hair has to do with the length of the fiber. Depending on what you need the artificial grass for, you should buy a model with a higher or lower height. If it is for a soccer field, a length of between 40-60 cm is required.


You probably think that the smoother the grass, the better. However, if the fiber is too soft and fine, the grass will have less durability and will require more maintenance. Keep that in mind.

Sewer system:

With artificial grass, puddles and slopes will no longer be a problem. When choosing you should check that it has a good drainage capacity.

What color?

There are endless models of artificial grass on the market, such as bicolor, blue artificial grass, and natural shades.

Filler or ballast material:

One of the most important aspects is the filling material of the artificial grass because depending on its quality its temperature will vary and can even cause it to end up as a nest for insects. 



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