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What are electrolyte drinks?

In medical practice, the word "isotonic" means the properties and qualities of a fluid that has the osmotic pressure of blood plasma. Osmotic pressure is a process in which two different liquids separated by a septum will flow into one another due to the difference in osmotic pressure.

We should note that in the human body the role of such partitions is played by cell membranes. So, all the fluids, which by their chemical composition are similar to blood plasma, do not violate the osmotic pressure of blood and thus do not change the healthy concentration of plasma electrolytes. This quality is widely used in the manufacture of medical drugs.

How isotonic drinks used in sports and fitness?

With a sufficiently intense exercise, the human body loses a large amount of fluid during sweating. Sweat and urine have lower osmotic pressure than blood plasma, but with them, we lose a significant amount of electrolytes (necessary salts).

The result of this loss will be an increase in the concentration of salts in the blood plasma, which prevents it from functioning properly. So it is necessary to consume organic electrolyte drink.

Gas exchange processes in the capillaries are disrupted. Cells begin to lose intracellular fluid the cytoplasm, which threatens the violation of many biochemical intracellular processes.

Collagen powder drink:

We drink water hard, trying to make up for our fluid losses. But, as a rule, there is no complete thirst quenching and we continue to drink. During strength training, abundant drinking creates an additional load on the heart and liver, which is not quite correct. It is necessary to drink collagen powder drink before training and after it, but during intensive training, it is better to use isotonic drinks. First, the isotonic drink entering the body provides a balanced composition of the blood plasma.

The fact is that the cell membrane is not just a partition since even in the membrane itself active biochemical processes take place. Therefore, the absorption of isotonic fluid does not always occur quickly and evenly.

This, of course, primarily depends on the composition of the isotonic drink. Here not only the concentration of the solute but also its molecular weight must be taken into account. During an intense workout, a person may lose more than a liter of fluid, so it is very important to take into account the correct balance of salts in an isotonic drink which must be  low carb electrolyte drink in order to make up for the losses more quickly.

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