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Test Questions and Certification Info

The 1K0-001, Certified Videoconferencing Engineer Exam (exam code: 1K0-001) consists of 80 questions. These 80 multiple choice questions are needed to be solved in 100 minutes. The passing score for this Certified Videoconferencing Engineer exam is 71%, which means each candidate must solve at least 71%of the exam area correctly. Obtaining marks less than this or having the correct answer that sum up to marks making a percentage less than this would mean that the candidate has failed the test.


In order to be certified, then the candidate would have to register for the exam again and retake the test. The 1K0-001 Questions might also be subject to change so that is why a failed candidate would have to prepare for the test all over again as well. Moreover, the 1K0-001, Certified Videoconferencing Engineer Exam Certification lasts only two years, so the certified individuals might need to get re-certified.


Who Can Take the Certified Videoconferencing Engineer Exam?

This test does not require anything in particular to have beforehand; however, the individuals possessing any experience that they think would be beneficial and best suited for this type of 1K0-001 Exam can also take the test in order to be Certified Videoconferencing Engineer certified. As this exam is carried out by Prometric, it can be taken at any of the testing centers of Prometric Information Technology, which are spread worldwide.


Areas included in the Exam

The test contains the following topics.  Each of them requires extreme knowledge and expertise to be solved. However, each candidate should consider the fact that the 1K0-001 Test Questions will not only consist of these topics and questions out of this course can also be included. So, candidates should not prepare only according to them.

They are as Follows:

  • Real Presence Environments.
  • Universal Video Collaborating process.
  • Managing the Video Resource.
  • Managing Virtualization.
  • Enterprise Video Capturing.
  • Universal Security & Access.


In addition to that, at least a 30% questions will test each candidate's knowledge of model networking, standards and protocols in relevance to video conferencing.


Dumps, Training kits and Study Materials

Passing the test with the desired score and passing the test the first time is the top priority of candidates aspiring to make their name in the IT world. In order to achieve that, each candidate should take the 1K0-001 Preparation very seriously and start preparing weeks before the exam. What's most important is the selection of the right source.


A candidate should choose wisely and cautiously a source that provides with the most up to date 1K0-001 Training and learning. Only that can ensure a candidate's success. If you are not appearing in your exam with the use of DirectCertify study kits then we will refund your money according to our policy.


There a lot of ways to 1K0-001 Prepare for the test, and all of these can be availed by the candidates through the web. Many sources and sites offer dumps for the test. These dumps can be either used online or can be bought off along with video courses from various sites. These 1K0-001 Dumps provide the candidate with appropriate question that inform him/her about the content of the test and provide a chance for the candidates to assess themselves beforehand.


The web will also contain different 1K0-001 Study Materials and training kits that can either be downloaded as PDF files or can be benefited online. These study materials and kits, train a candidate in solving problems and overcoming challenges in the 1K0-001 Test and in the professional life as well.


Experts of DirectCertify Prepare appropriate Study Guides for Certified Videoconferencing Engineer Certification and 1K0-002 Test.



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Even if many people do not plan their career, the ones who put a lot of emphasis on continuous improvements will be the successful professionals. This improvement also implies getting a certain certification in IT. For the success of this endeavor, it is essential to have enough dedication and revision power. However, these things are useless unless the study materials used for preparation are totally updated and efficient. The syllabus seems to be changing often and this has to be prevented. Moreover, a good preparation material will also offer a section with possible questions that will come up during the real exam. Most of these study guides seem to be rather costly. But this is not the case with DirectCertify.

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