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Ways In Which Images Can Be Used To Boost Up Website Conversion Rate

Gaining traffic is not the only concern of an ecommerce website, as it has to focus as much as on conversions for attaining a steady progress with the sales. Images play a vital role in engaging the mass as people love to see the products that they buy or choose to buy. Images thus play a crucial role in boosting up the web conversion rate. Images have a better way of communicating and it tends to be more interesting than that of the other mediums.

The article aims at presenting how quality images can be used to boost up the conversion rate of a website, strengthening the relationship between the brand and the potential customers.

Images play a very important role in playing with the psychology of the customers and in influencing their decision of buying the products or of not buying it. Images play a crucial role in allowing the potential customers to succumb to a brand, its services and its products.

Images have emotional appeal: The decision of buying something or the decision of going with a brand is emotional to a great extent. Customers thus are to be motivated in the right way to experience a relation or connection with a concerned brand and for this the role of images can never be belittled. Quality images are to be used intelligently so that they can provide the potential customers an opportunity to fantasize how their experience with the brand would be. Images do connect with the psychology of the customers engaging them emotionally. This indeed triggers the conversion rate of a website.

Product images assert authenticity: The images of the products given in different angles and in alternative views always turn out to be helpful for the viewers to get the authentic details related to them and to identify with them. The 360 degree images of the products thus establish the brand authenticity and credibility, which is extremely important in an age where online shopping portals are running rampant. Survey reports have assured that often larger images trigger and boost up conversion rates more than that of the smaller ones.

Proper eye tracking data associated with the images in a site boost up conversion rate: It must be kept in mind that the images incorporated in any ecommerce website must have the proper eye tracking data. Certain understanding is needed to track them. It must be kept in mind that a wrong choice of images will mar the credibility of the brand and the product. People being habituated in reading contents from left to right, important information are to be incorporated towards the left side, along with the CTA or Call-to-Action.

Images with right design principles boost up conversion rate: Certain principles are to be kept in mind while designing images, such as, images are to be of right dimensions and they must be optimized.

Choosing the right image for the right content is thus of crucial importance. If you are waiting to boost up sales and conversion rates for your ecommerce site, contact Wheelistic Web Design, the most renowned website design company in Florida.


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Dennis Landy

The author is a web strategist at Wheelistic Web Design who is an avid writer on topics related to web designing, graphic designing and branding.

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