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Want to Choose a Cigar? It’s Easy, Here’s How

There are plenty of options when you walk into a cigar shop. Even an online store like the Smoker's Outlet is home to an increasingly growing number of cigar options, along with helpful information to help you make your choice of a cigar.

So, how do you start off looking for that good stuff juices in a cigar?

First Steps in Choosing a Cigar

When choosing a cigar, you can break your selection process into two parts.

The first step is to filter your choices depending on your preferences, using these categories:




Once you chance upon a cigar that matches your requirements, your next step is to ensure that the smoke is of good quality.

Here, we review both aspects of the selection process. This process will ensure that you walk out of a cigar store or leave the Smoker's Outlet website with a high-quality stogie.

Selecting a Cigar By Personal Preferences

Cigars are available in several shapes and sizes, and our choices are often the result of personal preference.


There is a whole range of cigars from which to choose. You may need to try them before you settle on what suits your palate.


Size has nothing to do with flavor, and a bigger cigar isn't necessarily better or more durable. There are two ways to measure the size of a cigar:

Length – inches

Width or ring gauge

Manufacturers list gauge size 64ths of an inch, meaning a 49 ring gauge is 49/64ths, a 20 is 20/64ths, and so forth. Many cigars sport price labels and listings – in online and physical stores – that include size as “inches long x gauge.”

So a “5 x 50” is a 50 gauge and 5-inch cigar.


There are two cigar shape classes – figurados and parejos. Figuarados are often a bullet shape and taper into a sharp point at the closed end.

Parejos refer to classically-shaped cigars with one round end that needs cutting and one open end. Most cigars fall into this broad category.

Selecting a Cigar By Quality

While the above attributes are more about personal preference than true quality. There are high-quality cigars in every range of these characteristics. Some examples are the Black and Mild flavors. Sadly, there are also poor-quality cigars.

Once you’ve narrowed your choices using your preferences, you need to determine if the cigar is also a good quality stogie. The following criteria matter, regardless of body, size, or shape:

The cigar wrapper should be seamless.

The cigar color should be uniform.

Avoid dry cigars that flake or crackle when you squeeze.

The cigar should have a uniform tobacco fill.

The cigar should have a good smell.


It’s not okay to look for any stuff, look for just the good stuff tobacco. The Smokers Outlet Online stocks cigars that smokers consider to be excellent in many aspects. Visit our website today to see more of our smoker-first products and accessories.

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