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Using Email Marketing Segmentation For Increased Conversions

According to DMA, email marketing ranks high in terms of generating ROI for businesses, which stood at mind-blowing 4200% for the year 2019. With such high return, email marketing becomes a reliable source of lead generation and customer retention for enterprises. However, the traditional email campaign software in comparison to email marketing segmentation bombards the user inbox with unrelatable content. It leads to indefinite restrictions on email campaigns and could result in a deteriorated online reputation. Hence, to avoid landing in the spam folders or facing a hefty fine from the email service providers (ESPs), it is essential to understand the customer requirements. The GreyFOX email system does it perfectly by bringing in the use of smart AI algorithms to understand customer’s behavior and automatically curate the content based on it. The advanced functionality of on-event email triggers keeps the enterprise connected with the users. Events such as new user registration, birthday, cart abandonment, and more are the triggers for on-event emails. Small and medium enterprises can integrate GreyFOX in their online stores to avail of the feature of personalized email marketing.

Personalization is a critical business element that enables organizations to strengthen their customer service efforts. To get the best out of an email marketing campaign, customer segmentation is significant. It is the division of email subscribers list based on set criteria, that could take into account the properties or behaviors of the subscribers. Segmentation enables eCommerce stores to target users in a specific manner with personalized offers, product recommendations, gamification of marketing offers and more. The huge impact of customizing marketing campaigns as per the segmented audiences can boost enterprise revenue and strengthen customer relations. Relevancy of an email campaign to a specific segment goes a long way in making that purpose successful. Segmentation in email marketing can be of many types, depending on the target audience.

Let us explore the ways to segment your email list before creating a new campaign.

Email Marketing Segmentation Through GreyFox

An email list can be segmented based on geography, age, gender, industry, education level, past purchases, shopping cart abandonment, call-to-action (CTA) clicks, and many more. GreyFOX email marketing segmentation takes an intensive approach to divide the target audience of an eCommerce store. It is classified into types of segmentation:

  1. Standard Segmentation: It is based on purchase history, purchase value, purchase frequency

  2. Behavioral Segmentation: GreyFOX takes into account the events from your Shopify storefront that shows user activities. Users viewing any product or category, performing cart activities such as adding or removing items from the cart, or making a purchase

Shopify merchants need not worry about the customer segmentation as Greyfox AI handles it for them. After integrating the GreyFox platform into the existing e-commerce site running on Shopify, merchants can acquire a list of audiences segmented as per their behavior on the site.


Check Email Marketing Segmentation Strategy For Increased Conversions


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