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Understanding how to buy gold jewelry online

Gold is one of the most valuable metals which is most used by us for jewelry purposes. Nowadays you get so many options while buying gold online.

There are many advantages that you get while buying gold from online sellers. But you need to maintain some precautions while buying gold as well through the online mode.

Followings are some of the most important points when it comes to buying gold online-

Check the authenticity of the seller

You need to check the authenticity of the seller before buying gold online.

You should buy gold Jewellery Online only from trusted sellers. Check whether the seller has the necessary license certificates for selling gold jewelry online.

Check the purity certification of the gold

While 24carat gold is the purest form it is highly malleable as well. So it is not fit for making jewelry.

Generally, it is mixed with other metals like silver, copper, etc to make alloys suitable for making gold jewelry. Gold jewelry is available in 22, 20,18, etc carat gold.

The websites have a 'K' marking indicating the carat of gold that you must check before buying gold jewelry online.

Check for hallmark certification

Check for hallmark certification of the gold. There are different hallmarking standards in different countries.

But the apex hallmarking body has a list that shows the registered hallmarked gold sellers online. Check the list and make sure that the online website is listed. 

Find out the making charges and other charges

Before proceeding with the payment you should look at the charges. There could be various other charges on gold jewelry such as taxes, making charges, etc.

Along with these, you should also need to take into account the cost of other stones on the jewelry. Make sure to check at what actual gold per gram price are you buying. 

Know about the website's return policy

It is very crucial to check the return policy of the online seller while Buy Jewellery Online. The fact is that online stores do offer a return policy but they are much stricter than other grocery or food items ordered online.

Make sure you get the e-bill

Ask your seller about how you will get the bill after you have made the payment. Most sellers would send you the confirmation over email along with SMS to your mobile.

Check the package before accepting delivery

While accepting your courier you must check the package for signs of tampering. If you have any doubts make sure to cancel the delivery and inform your seller.

Which is the best website for buying gold jewelry online?

If you are looking for the most trusted online seller of gold online then trust Basalmost. They have the latest and trendiest designs of gold jewelry. Click on to visit the website. You also get the assurance of buying hallmarked gold.


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