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Understand How Yoga Helps Keep Stress at Bay

No one ever said that life is easy. Irrespective of the family background or one’s social status, life can be extremely stressful and challenging. Especially, if you have a hectic schedule and you believe in leading a disciplined life, then every day is a challenge. Thus, even if you succeed in managing a disciplined life every single day, stress becomes inevitable.

We often hope that soon enough things will fall into place and life will become less stressful. However, with each passing day, we realize that our efforts are going in vain and give up, thinking that stress has become a way of life. However, there is a way out. Yoga can help fight off stress, while simultaneously building in us the virtue of patience and making us healthier.

With yoga, we feel happier in our current state and are able to dissipate stress. Yoga makes us realize that our entirety is in our mind, body and soul. Although, the concept within itself is inevitably philosophical, but somehow, it is easy to understand it scientifically rather than in a philosophical manner. Let’s see how yoga practice modifies our inner body functions to help us become stress-free in a scientific manner.

There are several branches of our nervous system, and the branch that contains Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system is the one responsible for our inner organs’ functioning. The Sympathetic nervous system is activated whenever we feel excited or anxious or whenever we have to deal with extreme stress. One the other hand, the Parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for relaxed and calm state and handles all the involuntary body functions, even while we are sleeping.

The key to remaining in a stress-free state is to learn how to harness Parasympathetic nervous system even in the excited mental and physical state. The breathing patterns of yoga, which teach practitioners how to breathe and hold their breaths in specific ways, are found to be effective in keeping our Parasympathetic nervous system activated for longer.

Additionally, although with continuous yoga practice we learn to use less of our Sympathetic nervous system but thanks to yoga again, it doesn’t get slower with non-usage. In fact, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic states of our nervous system continuously switch between each other, and often exist simultaneously. With yoga practice, we simply learn how to remain in Parasympathetic state for longer. Consequently, our body learns to stay calm even when there are external stress triggers.

The best way to learn how yoga helps us in becoming stress-free is to practice it under the guidance of a learned yoga teacher. You can join a yoga retreat or a studio and learn the yoga style of your choice. Joining a yoga retreat in Rishikesh or Bali can particularly be of great advantage, since teachers there have years of experience of teaching yoga, and have the ability to make others understand the true concept behind yoga practice.


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