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Traveling for Indians is Different from their Western Friends

You will find one common thing in all travel blogs that people all around the world are same. Even if you don’t have a mutually understandable language to communicate, you can still share your thoughts using signs, and you don’t need to be certified in sign language as well. Nonetheless, the surroundings and circumstances shape every person differently and that’s where we get clichés and memes from. For instance, you must have heard that people in India are highly hospitable, folks in the USA have poor dressing sense despite being the fashion capital of the West, and the populace in Bali is gracious. All these clichés come from the environments where people are brought up. That is why, road tripping in India can be way different than traveling anywhere around the world.

Are Indians racists or racially discriminated?

Sadly, the answer to both the above questions is Yes. The brown color of the Indian skin is often singled out at the airports for extra security. People in the western countries have trouble trusting any brown person that he or she can pay for the bed and breakfast at a fancy hotel. Thanks to the wicked Indians and other Asians who have caused pains earlier that make it difficult for the honest travelers to pass through a normal situation without trouble.

 That being said, it does not mean that the Indians are not racists. They discriminate in favor of or against their own countrymen, spare the foreigners whom they typecast just by glancing at them. People from certain Indian states are frowned upon and those from other places are given better behavior, even if the prejudices turn out to be false later. The hackneyed mindset has to change throughout the world if we want world travel to be a better experience.

The weak Indian Rupee

The INR or the Indian Rupee is not very powerful currency compared to many currencies of different countries. Currently, the Indian Rupee is equal to 71 US Dollars. Even though the money Indians make is sufficient to live and travel in their own country, they can surely travel to many other economically weak countries as well and have a good time with that value of Indian Rupee.

However, when they have to travel to the developed countries, the entire scenario changes. You cannot resist but convert the currency to the Indian Rupee in your mind. The mental math for this conversion becomes a compulsive behavior for most Indian travelers because they are spending their hard –earned savings in just a few days. A month’s vacation in the USA for an average Indian costs lakhs of rupees even if they stay at a friend’s place. If you hire a Car Rental in Bangalore, you can easily afford it in India, but it will hurt more to pay for the Car Rental in the Chicago Metropolitan even for a day. You would obviously do the mental comparison one more time.

That and many more are the reasons why Indians travel less than their fellow travelers from developed countries. Hopefully, the situation changes for better soon.



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