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Travel Snobbery in the Solo Travel World

Solo travelers around the world are called selfish, stubborn, and what not! Humans in the world have one problem- they all are different and unique, but they cannot accept this fact. Very few people around globe are able to accept each other as they are, but most of them are found fighting with each other for their life’s choices. Solo travel is one thing that often incites arguments in any family, especially Asian, and more specifically the ones in India, Pakistan, or Afghanistan. However, solo travel is much more than just a selfish act of living one’s life. It is a deep way of living, but the travel magazines fail to show the reality of it. They like to glorify solo travel and have made it cool these days. Just a decade ago, there were several solo travelers who never though that such a painful way of traveling will become cool one day.

Instagram and Facebook have changed the entire scenario of travel. They have over-glorified solo travel unlike the earlier days when you could only go for solo travel out of budget constraints or looking out for mental peace. These days, we find millions of selfies of solo travelers under the hashtag- #solotravel, which hide the place behind the traveler’s massive body. The previous times witnessed travelers with a meager mobile phone, or not even that. They would never click dozens of photos every hour, constantly have uploading the pictures on mind, and cry a bucket full of tears if something happened to the phone.

Today, any trip is incomplete without zillions of pictures, or at least when you have to abide by the modern standards of travel. There is no reason to call names to the modern travelers as this is an absolutely new generation of travelers. However, even the new generation feels that the older times were better.

The superiority complex

There are several solo travelers who are full of superiority complex when they discuss their vacations with others. They look down upon people who like to travel in groups, with family, or enjoy luxuries. Yes, solo travel may be your choice, but that does not have to be everyone’s choice as well. No solo traveler has the right to demoralize anyone. If a sensible veteran traveler tries to show such snobby travelers the light of the day, they are welcomed with a block on social media. Everyone may not want to hire Car Rentals in Rishikesh alone, but everyone has their own choices.

The other thing that is over-discussed these days is solo female travel. Yes, it is great that women in India are trying to become independent, and they have the support of travel bloggers and several other people. However, there is no need to over-discuss this topic. Not every discussion should lead to the topic of solo female travel when there are so many other subjects of discussion in a forum.

Travel snobbery has become a disease in the world of travel, and we all need to stay away from it. Be a humble traveler as you should be since you are the one who has seen the world.



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