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Travel Scams You Must Avoid While Traveling

When you are a foreigner, the locals tend to take benefit of your ignorance about the local culture. That is why; it is important to research a bit about the law of the land, and escape the scams that prevail in every country.

The overcharge for taxis

In almost every country, you will find the cab drivers who offer you an amazing deal, tell that the meter is broken, or are ready to drive at a fixed rate. You must always ask the driver to turn on the meter, never sit in an unlicensed cab, and click a picture of the number plate before boarding a vehicle. Also, you must inquire at the reception of the hotel about the legitimate fare for the destination you want to reach; this will give you a fair idea about the estimate fair for you to negotiate. While you sit in a taxi, you must use the GPS or Google Maps to know about the correct route. When you feel that the driver is taking the long route, you must show him the map and insist on taking the proper route.

The hotel is closed

This is the least likely scam to fall for, but still travelers become a victim of it. The auto-rickshaw drivers will tell you that the hotel you booked for stay is closed, and they can take you to an affordable hotel they know. At this point, you can be sure that your driver is lying about your hotel and wants to earn a commission from the hotel he takes you to. Never fall for this tactic, and tell him to take you to the hotel that you had booked. In today’s world, you can always find the contact details of the hotel online. If you are in doubt, call the place and verify whether they are operational or not.

Hiring Self-Drive Cars

Just like cabs, there are individuals and companies out there in different cities to scam you. When you want to hire Car Rentals in Goa, for example, you must look for reputed companies. There are thousands of individuals in Goa lending Car Rentals and bike rentals to the tourists. Unfortunately, if you hit their car or bike in a minor accident, they will try to rip you off for money in the name of repairs. On the other hand, the licensed companies offer limited liability, which means you don’t have to pay a penny beyond a certain amount in case of a car accident.

Free gifts  

A very common scam in Europe, America, and India is that a very friendly person will approach you and put a small national flag on your shirt, a bracelet on the wrist, or give you a little stem of rosemary. They will initiate a chat with you about the NGO they work for, gain your sympathy, and then ask you for money at least in exchange of the gift they gave to you. Don’t fall for such tactics and return their gift immediately and be adamant about it. The cons often create a scene and make a victim of tourists who are afraid of creating a scene.

The world is a beautiful place, but there are a few bad people in it as well. As you trot around the globe, you must be careful about your money and your safety.



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