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Travel and Tourism in Australia to 2017

Travel and Tourism in Australia to 2017



The report Travel and Tourism in Australia to 2017 provides market analysis, information and insights, including:

Historic and forecast tourist volumes covering the entire Australian travel and tourism sector

Detailed analysis of tourist spending patterns in the Australian travel and tourism sector

The total, direct and indirect tourism output generated by each category within the Australian travel and tourism sector

Detailed market classification across each category, with analysis using similar metrics

Detailed analysis of the airline, hotel, car rental and travel intermediaries industries



The Australian government considers tourism a priority sector and under its Tourism 2020 plans, intends to provide support to key competitors, state and territory governments to increase total overnight expenditure to AUD140 billion (US$147 billion) by 2020. The main components of Tourism 2020 are to expand inflows and expenditure from key Asian markets, to build competitive digital capabilities, to encourage investment by implementing regulatory reforms and to increase the sectors labor supply. Economic growth will help support government efforts to strengthen the sector.



This report provides an extensive analysis related to tourism demands and flows in Australia:

It details historical values for the Australian tourism sector for 2008-2012, along with forecast figures for 2013-2017

It provides comprehensive analysis of the travel and tourism demand factors with values for both the 2008-2012 review period and the 2013-2017 forecast period

The report makes a detailed analysis and projection of domestic, inbound and outbound tourist flows in Australia


Reasons to Buy

Take strategic business decisions using historic and forecast market data related to the Australian travel and tourism sector

Understand the demand-side dynamics within the Australian travel and tourism sector, along with key market trends and growth opportunities

Identify the spending patterns of domestic, inbound and outbound tourists by individual categories

Analyze key employment and compensation data related to the travel and tourism sector in Australia


Key Highlights

Travel and tourism is an important component of the Australian economy. The sectors direct and indirect contribution to the country’s GDP stands at around 10%, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), and accounts for around 12% of the nation’s total employment.

Online travel revenues rose from AUD4.9 billion (US$4.1 billion) in 2008 to AUD7.3 billion (US$7.5 billion) in 2012, at a CAGR of 10.52%. Over the forecast period a CAGR of 11.48% is expected, with total revenue reaching AUD12.5 billion (US$12.9 billion) in 2017. The growth will be driven in part by the increasing number of internet users in the country. The online penetration for flights, hotels and car rental in Australia and New Zealand increased from 33% in 2009 to 39% in 2012. It is expected that in 2013, online penetration will increase to 41%.


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