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Top Sleep Apnea treatment for children

Sleep Apnea in children

This condition is usually caused by blockage of breathing airway during sleep. This is a serious condition that makes kids to have an unhealthy an unrest less sleep. This condition is usually occurred if someone is overweight or if you have a family history of sleep Apnea.

Sleep Apnea treatment for Children

Oral Applanations – this mode of treatment has continued to be popular as an ideal sleep Apnea treatment for children. This is an effective treatment for all children who suffer from sleep Apnea. The FDA have approved and accredited almost all oral appliances and have indicated that they perform the functions as described. In addition, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has approved the oral appliances and stated it as a first line treatment for individuals with moderated OSA. It is very easy to use these appliances since you only have to wear them while going to sleep. These appliances hold the lower jaw so as to keep the airway open by ensuring that the tongue does not block the upper airway. These mode of treatment is convenient and has a couple of advantages. It is portable, and easy to use which makes it ideal for every individual.

Upper Airway Stimulation therapy

Upper Airway Stimulation therapy is a new treatment method for sleep Apnea in kifds. It has been proven to be an effective treatment method for children with moderate OSA. This type of treatment works within your body by interacting with your natural breathing process so as to reduce Sleep Apnea in Children. This therapy is ideal for you if your kid hasn't yet been diagnosed with obstructive sleep Apnea. This treatment is quite complicated with a few processes involved. It has a generator with a breathing sensor controlled by an inspire sleep remote.

Positive Airway Pressure

This mode of treatment is used to treat children with moderate or severe sleep Apnea. The process involves the use of pressure machine and a couple of gas masks. It is a less complicated process because you only have to wear the gas mask over the nose and mouth and the pressure machine supplies pressurized air through the throat. FDA has approved this treatment method as a safe way to treat children with sleep Apnea. Nevertheless, this mode of treatment treats the disorder with additional treatment methods.

Weight Loss

Over 60% of Sleep Apnea in kids is caused by overweight. Therefore, weight loss is the ideal treatment for children where the main cause of Apnea is obesity. Research studies have found that weight loss resulted to a healthy sleep and less snoring. This is the most recommended treatment measure almost for every medical practitioner

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