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Top Engineering Colleges in Dehradun Uttarakhand

Engineering, as we all know is a branch of science that deals with engines, machines, designs, and manufacturing. The majority of students every year apply for this course because it is one of the most popular choices of a career in India.
Every student wants to go to the Best Engineering Colleges in India to pursue their dream course and to get a valuable degree for a highly paid job after that. It is believed amongst the people in India that to earn well from the first job itself, one needs to take admission in the top colleges of India, which is somewhere true in society.
The approximate literacy rate of Dehradun is 89.32%, which is a good score and aims to do better. To become the best engineer and get fairly paid on your first job, you need to take admission in one of the best engineering colleges in Dehradun Uttarakhand.


There are multiple engineering colleges in Dehradun, which offer specialization courses in engineering. There are more than forty branches of engineering in India, but the most popular ones are:
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Software Engineering
Computer science and technology Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Electrical Engineering


Dehradun consists of multiple districts and there are numerous colleges and institutes, which offer a degree indifferent branches of engineering.
Following are the best engineering colleges in Dehradun that carry a valuable impact on the student’s career:

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES)

UPES, a leading university in Dehradun, is famous for providing Engineering course in the disciplines like Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Earth Sciences Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering. The Institute is well-known for providing a vibrant environment along with the quality education for the holistic development of an individual. 

Graphic Era University 

Graphic Era, one of the leading Institute for Engineering in Dehradun is famous for providing a diverse and interdisciplinary education along with effective corporate linkages. The university, apart from being famous for the various Engineering and Management programs, is also renowned for providing a lively campus life.  

DIT University 

DIT, a famous institute in Dehradun established under the Unison the group is famous for its balanced environment which fosters the growth of the intellectually capable, innovative and entrepreneurial professionals in the field of Engineering. The Institute offers engineering in various disciplines like Civil, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics and Communication, Mechanical, Automobile, Computer Science, and Information Technology.

Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI)

DBIT, one of the most prominent and promising Institute for Engineering in Dehradun established under the Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI) engulfs a diverse interdisciplinary advanced environment comprising a pool of talented faculty, researchers, and students. The Institute is famous for providing a broad spectrum of courses: Engineering, Computer Application, Architecture, Design (B.Des), Management, Commerce, Hotel Management, Mass Communication, BAMS, Fashion Designing, Agriculture, Polytechnic, Horticulture, Microbiology, Nursing, and Pharmacy. With the award of the top engineering placement college in Dehradun in its lab, DBIT has grabbed the position amidst the Top Engineering College in Dehradun

Tula's Institute of Technology 

Tula's Institute, one of the known colleges of Engineering in Doon Valley is famous for providing various Engineering and Management courses that are aimed towards building supreme quality knowledge the base for the students. The Institute offers Undergraduate courses in multiple disciplines like Civil, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics, Electronics and Communication and Mechanical Engineering along with the postgraduate course in Civil Engineering.  

Shivalik College of Engineering

Shivalik College of Engineering, another famous Engineering College in Dehradun is known for providing a transformative course curriculum in the various areas of Engineering. Popular for its conventional and advanced approaches the Institute grabs position amidst the best BTech College in Dehradun.  

Uttaranchal University

UIT is one of the premier institutes of Engineering and Technology in Dehradun. The Institute is famous for providing high-quality education in the field of Engineering and Management. The Institute delivers world-class Engineers, Managers and competent professionals through the various well-structured undergraduate and postgraduate courses


The above-mentioned colleges are the seven best engineering colleges in Dehradun. The impact of the degree from these colleges will kick-start your career and gives you a status to represent yourself with confidence.
The impact of having a degree from these colleges are realized when you stand in front of the world with confidence. As per a survey conducted, father of a student from top engineering college commented,
“It has been only one semester that my child is studying in this college and I already see a good change in his academic knowledge, overall personality, and confidence.”
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