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Top 5 Features You Can't Afford to Miss in Your Online Restaurant

Today, every business endeavors to adopt technology front to acquire robust visibility. Businesses going online has aroused a tough competition which demands to accord with the advancing technology trend based on AI, AR/VR, and Digital to survive the test of time.

Likewise, food business owner also need modification the way they offers services to online customers. For instance; if you are in a food delivery or restaurant business, it’s more than necessary to have your own Food Delivery Website. With technology, the customer’s are also advancing and need smart way to order food online and get the delivery done right at their destination. In order words, customers are expecting a user-friendly web portal or food delivery mobile application.

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Thus, the idea of online restaurant business comes big in its application and scope. Generally, online restaurant is an ideal platform that bridge the Restaurant owners services with the customers food demand. The food delivery website development and restaurant website development come with standard features along with severe highly innovative and advanced features in order to manage activities, menus, orders, delivery, payments and much more.

Trend and Stats:

What numbers say? As per one of the surveys, it was interesting to note that once in a week 20% of the people in United States order food online to munch favorite cuisine. Moreover, the numbers also reveals that, with the online food delivery apps, there has been increase in sales. Further source according to Morgan Stanley, the total market share of digital food delivery is expected to increase 11% by 2022 in today’s comparison to 6%.

Well, the above stated numbers and market trend accounts how crucial is restaurant website development. Before, seeking development from any company, the owner must be sure  what should the features that can do wonder to lure online customers.

Seamless Order Request:

Give customer a single tap food ordering feature with on demand food delivery app development solution. And for more requests, clutter-free navigation is good option.

Secured Payment System:

Go for Integrated payment integration development model. This securely connects credit, debit and e-wallets, increase customers trust allowing a smoother transactions.

Delivery Management:

With a proper delivery management, it becomes easy to accept the order and assign delivery in different location depending upon the requirement.

Push Notification:

Push Notifications is one of the best option to inform customers about new orders, order status, delivery status, payment confirmation and etc. This builds customer loyalty. Further, customers about new offers and deals attracts customers.

Rate & Review Your Favorites:

The rating option makes it easy for customers to rate, helping them to enhance their services based on the reviews and recommendations.


At Root Info Solutions, we specialize to build apps for almost every industry vertical. Having a expert developers team, Food delivery website development, comes as our core delivery.  We are recognised to build highly interactive and easy-to-manage food delivery apps for iPhone Android. With our expert assistance, we help our customers to explore customized food ordering app solutions, considering their requirement.


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