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Tips While Buying Syringes Online – Safety is MUST!

Syringes and needles are classified according to their length and diameter. When it comes to the selection of medical supplies syringes and needles, it totally depends upon the use of medication. Subcutaneous medication requires shorter syringes and needles while intramuscular medication will need long needles. If you are looking to buy syringes and needles in UK make sure that you chose an authorized medical supplier. 

1. Widely used in the medical field, syringes come with a pump and a sliding plunger which helps to draw in or eject a liquid/gas using an orifice. Earlier, medical syringes were made of metal or glass and needed sterilization after every use. Now we have disposable syringes made of plastic. Disposable syringes can greatly reduce the risks of cross- contamination and other infections. Syringe and needle market is filled with a wide array of varieties including disposable syringes, injection pens, insulin pumps, and speciality needles. Each syringe type has its own mechanism and application.

2. The foremost thing to keep in mind while buying syringes onlineis the volume (measured in ml and cc) of the medication which needs to be administered. Also, look for the desired pressure flow. If a large volume of the medication is to be administered, select the larger size syringe. Other factors to consider: its application as an injection, medical tubing, and irrigation. One of the most common types of syringes is U-100 insulin syringe. It is majorly used by diabetic patients.

3. Luer Lock tip syringe: One of the most commonly used syringe tips, it provides you with quick needle removal and installation features along with greater safety.  Slip tip syringe: It has a slip or push-on connection and allows the user to thrust the needle hub quite easily onto the syringe.  Eccentric tip syringe: Eccentric tip syringe is used when the medication needs to be injected parallel to the skin of the patient.  Catheter tip syringe: Generally used for irrigation, it is crafted using a tapered tip to allow tubing to slip on to the tip in a proper manner

4. The length of needle’s shaft is measured in inches and the thickness by gauge sizes. The tip is generally bevelled so that it can easily puncture the screen.  When you are selecting the needles, consider these factors – gauge(diameter of the needle), length, and use. Needle gauge is generally determined by the viscosity of medication to be administered.  Other important criteria to consider while selecting needles is the injection depth. Intradermal (dermis injections), subcutaneous (subcutaneous tissue injections) and muscle (intramuscular injections) are its three major categories.

5. Smart Medical Buyer, one of the most prominent online stores to purchase medical equipment online, brings you high-quality syringes and needles from reputed brands at one place. So whether you are looking forward to buying syringes without needles or with needles, you know your go-to place.

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