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Tips to Protect Your Valuables on the Beach

For a moment, just imagine yourself bathing in the soothing sunlight in Thailand, and your eyes cannot wander off the blue waters of the ocean. If you are with a friend at such a comforting place, you can trade off your time with each other. When one of you goes into the water, the other one watches the bags. And such moments are especially painful when you are all alone because you cannot leave your bags unattended. But hey! The water looks so tempting and the crowd looks harmless, then why don’t you just dive in for a few minutes and come back soon. But when you emerge out of the water, all you see is a crook running away with your expensive smartphone.

It is the most painful feeling in the world to lose your smartphone in this day and age when practically all your important tasks depend on it. You will never want to lose your credit cards, cash, keys to your Car Rental, and other important documents just because you wanted to swim for a while. Isn’t it better to take precautions rather than regret later?

Don’t carry anything you don’t need

Yes, you would surely like to have your phone to click a zillion photos of yourself, which is already a pain if you travel alone. Nonetheless, you can carry your mobile phone, get yourself clicked, and then lock it in the room if it is close by. The hotels located on the beach are a blessing for solo travelers; you can always go and come to the beach several times without feeling lazy. Make sure you check the lock of your room before securing your valuables in it.

Ask a person to guard your things

It always helps to look for people who could guard your belongings when you are out there swimming. The best bet are other solo travelers who also want to enjoy, but cannot do so because their position is same as yours. You can trade off your time with them and have a barter deal. Watch their belongings for a while as they swim, and they can do the same for you. The other options are people who are with families, solo female travelers, older couples, and sober people. Group of drunk youngsters, for example, are the riskiest people to hand over your valuables.

Although the traveler’s world depends on trust that they have to lay on various people around the world, it is still difficult to choose reliable folks. All youngsters are not irresponsible and all middle-aged folks are not reliable, but the latter group tends to have a better reputation.

Paid lockers

Very few beaches in the world provide the paid locker service, but you must avail them if you find them. Another option is to pay for a water sport like kayaking, canoeing, and water surfing. While the service providers of such activities watch for your stuff as you go, they don’t mind extending their watching time for a little fees or no additional fee at all. You can ask them upfront before you enroll for the rental.

The shack owners

Shacks on the beaches are the informal services to watch for people’s belongings. They may or may not charge money from you, but they are reliable people in most cases. You can ask them to be sure if they will or will not be leaving their shack as you swim.

Traveling alone does come with its cons, but it should never stop you from having the fun of your life.



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