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Tips to Plan Your First Family Trip Abroad

When you start your new little family, there are millions of things on the mind that you plan for your first kid. As the family grows, you may start planning for trips outside India, but you may need to plan well for that.

The best thing about a holiday is that it makes the kids more attached to the family. If your children are old enough to understand things, you must make them understand why it is important to go for a vacation with family. It is the time together that matter, not the place. That is why; they should not fall into the peer pressure while talking about their vacations or that of others.

The weather

If you are traveling within Asia, hailing from India, you will not find much difference in weather conditions. However, winter season is something that you should take care about since you have the young ones with you. You can watch the weather at your destination a week prior to leaving, which means you will have significant time to pack clothes accordingly.

Talking to the strangers

The elders always teach the kids that they should not talk to the strangers, but it is a necessary part of traveling that you cannot avoid. However, you must communicate to the children that they must not talk too much to anyone, take eatables from them, or accompany them anywhere. The kids must inform you just in case someone approaches them. Nonetheless, you must not bar them from completely talking to anyone, because of which they will miss a great part of their travel experiences.


When you are in India, you don’t need to worry too much about medicines as you can get the OTC tablets from any pharmacy. However, when you are in another country, you don’t know the local medicines you need to take for minor ailments. In addition, you may feel even more overwhelmed when you don’t know the foreign language and you are stuck in an emergency. At least for the first-aid, you must have the basic medicines and ointments. If anyone in the family is on maintenance medicines for ailments like asthma or diabetes, you must have at least ten days of additional medicine to be safe during emergencies like flight delays or bad weather. You must also carry your doctor’s prescription and ask for his advice for the medicines that you can buy abroad.


Kids get really irritable when they are hungry and they don’t even know it. Whether you are planning to hire Car Rentals or fly to some other place, you must have ample snacks in your hang bag for your children. If anyone in the family is picky or allergic to certain foods, you must have the substitute foods with you. Any foreign country provides a huge variety of foods that you must enjoy, but you must keep in mind your preferences as well.

The gadgets

A phone and a camera may be necessary for you to carry, but do not pack too many electronics to keep your children distracted. If they are too much involved in playing games online, they will miss out on the main agenda of traveling abroad. Any foreign country is a great place to make them understand the value of diversity in the world.

Foreign trips make any person more accepting to the world, especially the children. They subconsciously learn a lot of things, which may go unnoticed to you. Give them a chance to explore the world on their own, and you will be surprised how well they perform.



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