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Tips to Capture the Spirit of a Place in Photos

Being a professional photographer requires a lot of hard work. You cannot just go to a place and start clicking photos. There has to be good planning and plotting in place so that I return home with a good number and quality of photos. Moreover, there are a few tips that you can use to capture the essence of a place wherever you go for a vacation.

Plan the locations

Whenever you have to visit a new city or village, you can look up for it on the internet. You can visit the Instagram and search for the relevant hashtags to look for the photos related to your place of visit. There is no use confusing yourself in an unfamiliar place without having anything in mind. If having great photos is your main aim, you need to be well-prepared for it.

Capture the architecture

Every place in the world has a distinct architecture. In some places such as Bhutan and Indonesia, you will find beautiful buildings that adhere to strict architectural norms. You cannot resist yourself from clicking the pictures of the houses and temples in these countries. While snapping the photos of buildings, you must click them from a distance so that you can capture the area around the building as well.

Everyday things

The locals in every city have a different set of customs and daily routine. You can capture them doing their everyday tasks such as sweeping the floor, cooking for the family, selling dairy products, or just sitting smoking a cigarette. Having people indulged in their normal routine in your photos makes the snaps come alive.

Snapping the landscapes

The landscapes of places like Bali, Ubud, and Goa are such that you cannot resist clicking their photos. You need to click them from a distance and try to capture the most of the scenery you see. It is better to use a DSLR for snapping the landscapes to get the best resolution because the phone camera cannot do justice to the place. No matter how hard you try, the photos are never sufficient to depict the actual beauty of the hills and beaches, but you can at least try. When you are in your Car Rentals in Pune, for example, you may want to capture the lush green surroundings of the roads in your camera. You may not be able to click the best shots because the glory of those highways is just too grand to capture, but you can at least give it a try.

The native clothing  

There are several places where the people like to wear their traditional clothes. Kashmir, Uttrakhand, Bhutan, and Bali are the classic examples of such places where people like to adorn their traditional clothes. The accessories they adorn with their clothing is mostly handed down to them from their ancestors. Those vintage things are great to capture and add to your collection.

The above-mentioned ideas are not enough to capture the essence of any place in the world because a camera is too small to do that in the world made by God. Still, since you are a photographer, it is your duty to show to the world what lies in the other corners of the globe.



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