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Tips on Choosing the Right Yoga Retreat

After practicing yoga for a while, most people naturally become more dedicated towards yoga practice. As they begin to feel the changes yoga practice is bringing in them, they simply wish to go deeper into its practice. And when people really try, they easily find ways to deepen their yoga knowledge. Many practitioners don’t even hesitate to fly across the ocean to join a residential yoga retreat for yoga teacher training.

People who want to take their yoga practice to a new level are often advised to join yoga retreats. However, it is not necessary that you can find your ideal yoga practice place at any retreat. Often after beginning the training, practitioners realize that they are not feeling comfortable with the retreat’s conduct. That is why it is highly recommended to do a thorough research before joining a yoga retreat.

Below are some tips that will help you in choosing the right yoga retreat.

First, be specific in your ambitions

It is not necessary that you should join teacher training only when you want to become a yoga teacher. Some aim to become successful yoga teachers, while others simply because they love doing it and wish to deepen their knowledge of the process. It is important to first ask yourself what you are looking for in teacher training. Once you are clear on that, it will be easier for you to choose the right retreat for yourself.

Get to know the instructors

People often opt out of a yoga retreat because they don’t feel comfortable with their instructor’s style of teaching. If you don’t want to go through that, don’t look for renowned teachers, but for those whose teaching style you like. It is understandable that not everyone can learn things in the same manner. So, while going through the list of retreats, also research about the teaching styles of their instructors.

Find out about the programs

The atmosphere you practice yoga in plays a major role in enhancing your overall yoga experience. Where will the classes be held? How many people will attend a single session? At what time the sessions will start? For how long the sessions will last? These are some questions you will probably overlook while searching for a retreat, but they have a direct impact on your practice. Also, check which forms of yoga will be taught during the training.

Check whether the retreat is qualified

If you want to become a yoga teacher, then it becomes necessary for you to ensure that your retreat is certified. Ensure that their training programs are approved by Yoga Alliance. As per Yoga Alliance standards, a training program should be at least 200 hours long. Even if you have joined the training to only deepen your practice, you should still ensure the retreat’s credentials, since you never know when you will begin to ponder about becoming a yoga teacher.

Whether you are planning to join a yoga center in Rishikesh, Goa or at another yoga hub, it is important to make sure that you will be comfortable with their style of teaching before you invest your time and money.


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