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Things to look for in disabled-friendly hotel

When you begin attempting to find hotels, you will come across mind-boggling options, but sorry to say, only some of them might be accessible for physically challenged individuals. If you have a girlfriend or member of the family that is physically challenged, in which case, you will need to try and find hotels that have all the features, facilities, and amenities required by a disabled person to stay comfortably. As per the foundations stipulated through the government, every hotel expects a certain number of handicap- accessible rooms. Allow me to share some basic features that you should have to try to find within a hotel that is friendly for the disabled. Even some hotels provide medical assistance for cerebral palsy patients.




Look out for hotels with ramps for easy access. Someone who's exclusively for a wheelchair or depending on a cane or a walker will not be able to gain access to the premises if you don't have a ramp. The ramp cannot just be there into the entrance considering the hotel but also inside the hotel property, to make sure that a disabled person can easily navigate in the common areas similar to pool, fitness centers, or restaurants without much difficulty. Except for the corridors, hallways and elevators among the hotel should be wide a sufficient amount to accommodate the wheelchair. Many hotels have particular doors on the ground floor, which gives direct access to the parking area for accessible transit.


Safety features


The hotel staff are instructed on disability awareness training; this makes them ready to take care of their guests' needs that are different from most clients. Some basic safety features which the hotel should be outfitted with include fire alarm with visual strobe for hearing impaired people, slip-resistant tile floors and emergency fire exits with ramps. When you continue to make your booking, reconfirm when using the hotel representative if they're featuring the essential amenities needed for a physically challenged person.


Furniture customizations


Whenever you continue to make your bookings within a hotel that's handicap accessible, you will see the rooms invented to conform to the specific needs of a physically challenged person. For one example, this room will feature beds, which are adjustable using air baffles or flexible wooden slats. The rooms can have ergonomic desk chairs for optimum comfort. Other than, you will find other modifications done, including reachable faucets, roll-in shower, accessible mirrors, sinks, and adjustable desks. Many hotels have to remove and adjust room furniture as per the guests' request.


Where to look out for handicap accessible resorts or hotels


Following the principles stipulated through government, every 25 rooms away from 400 rooms inside a hotel should be handicap accessible. Finding a disabled-friendly hotel is not similar to hard as you may think. What you need to do is conduct a methodical search to look for the right hotel that follows your needs. Most hotels buy it clarified online if they are handicap accessible or possibly not. If yes, check what kind of amenities they have actually to propose. When you are skeptical precisely what you notice located on the websites, consider calling the accommodation staff yourself and reconfirming with him or her about the services and amenities offered.


Final Words


Whenever you are planning to travel outside your city, your planning trip must thrive in advance. Do proper research in regards to the place you are ok with to go and generate a collection of accessible hotels, routes, and travel destinations. Know what kind of facilities that place offers for disabled people. Develop a list of the points you will require during travel. Speak to your doctor and grab a physical medical check-up done before traveling. Also, have your wheelchair serviced and repaired. Choose routes carefully and skim all the accessibility information online among the visitor's guide.


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