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The world beyond blogging!

   Today I have entered the niche segment. Though, blogging consist of a lot of hard work. Behind the scene nothing is sugar coated as it seems to the users. You’ll get cramped in by other bloggers and what all matters is a Google ranking. We have the opportunity, the flexibility to enter the market but, it’s a mess out there. That’s not all; you require more guts to start a blog. A lot is needed in maintaining the blog. All you have is your passion and energy to start off with blogging. Adding a little drama to it can spice it up. I did write my story and provoke the audience to be a part of the change that I always wanted to see in the lifestyle branding. My blog is not about just posting pictures but, it’s the content that drives readers and increasing their frequency. The only thing required was to generate traffic, while I followed only one guru mantra -‘build network’! In the end it’s just your network that actually works! Blogging is not about just sharing the posts through social media medium but, a lot of engagement building. I made my blog community over Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. I knew just having lots of updates won’t make a difference. Occasionally I should change the appearance, layout of your blog that will automatically generate more traffic. The only tip from the editors desk goes to my reader is never post too much of personal context. Make your blog assert and not a liability. Ask for feedback. Do smart work!

   It all began when I heard about Fame box beauty and bloggers contest. Initially to participate in it I felt that I might lose the contest because my blog page rank was competitively low than others. Though, finding a model was not a filthy task because I have many friends who were into this business. The competition was tough there were 8 Teams formed consisting of 8 models, 8 brainiacs coming together to perform a serious task. I was excited as the winner will be getting a chance to write an official blog handle for American swan. Having your own fashion blog for brand is a complete different experience. I was excited but at the same time was nervous about the other seven competitors who had been quite tough through the initial rounds. The difficulty level of challenges was getting higher. The host was more optimists on the sets not only gave us the encouragement to promoting yourself online but also helped in boost youtube views. The next level begun and the task was tougher than before. Though mentor MTV VJ Anusha helped us a lot with our talent promotion. Monetize youtube videos were relatively easier then coordinating with the models. My results were being announced my breath had stopped for a beat and it felt like everything was muted, all I could hear was my name.


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