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A World Health Organization report found that more than 80 percent of people across the globe are unable to afford expensive treatments and rely on traditional medicines that are based on plants. Rather, this method of healing is growing in US and Europe, and the cures of naturopathy are getting more and more popular for medical conditions such as asthma, rheumatism, inflammation, cancer, allergies, infections, hypertension, obesity and many other medical problems, for which the mainstream method of treatment is not able to provide a reliable cure. Even the mainstream method of cure is working towards health foods, dietary supplements and herbs to regulate many medical conditions. Herbal cures are rich in anti-oxidants and bioactive metabolites, and herbal libido enhancer supplements are believed to be very effective in enhancing libido and increasing pleasure of conjugal life in a natural way.

In various parts of the world, the research on various forms of weaknesses of male genitals is being done but it is not categorized to be a severe condition. Its diagnosis and cure are based on laboratory tests which, sometimes, do not give the exact condition of the body. For example - testosterone test is done to examine the level of testosterone in body and the level of testosterone can vary a lot in few hours. Taking synthetic testosterone supplements can increase the levels but herbs do not increase the level if it is already high. Herbal libido enhancer supplements provided by Bluze capsule and Mast Mood oil provides the best natural compounds to cure many forms of weaknesses and balance the level of testosterone in body to prevent inadequacy. Also it helps to limit the secretions if the endocrines are producing more than required.

The ayurvedic system believes that the person in a relation should respect the partner and one should not have a casual attitude towards love relation because if a person follows undisciplined ways of lovemaking, it can deplete the energy of the body and this can have negative impact on general wellbeing.

Many men suffer from weakness due to psychological causes such as stress caused by overwork or anxiety related to performance. Sometimes, the fear of rejection or depression can cause it.

The intake of some foods reduces the blood circulation in body. It reduces blood flow to the male genitals and interferes with the normal flow of information from the brain to the body organs.

Toxicity is a major reason which can cause disabilities of body organs. The person who suffers from certain forms of toxicity has a restricted neurological power and can suffer from increase in glucose levels, epileptic seizures and can acquire learning diseases. It also increases the risk of metabolic diseases.

Herbs have neuro-protective properties and its regular intake prevents mental illness. It contains compounds that restrict the activities of free radicals in brain. It prevents one of the main forms of toxicity i.e. neurotoxicity that can also cause disorders of the endocrines. Herbal libido enhancer supplements and the herbal massage oil together provide the best way to enhance male power and vitality.

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