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The Winter Pizza Madness

    Winters in Delhi are really awesome. I can totally live like this for ever, cuddling my teddy in my warm blankets. The magic of winter slows time and moments but in a way that isn’t boring or dry. It was a wonderful thing when my friends decided to come over for a break at my farmhouse. Here the winds are colder, and there is a lot of open space. I can roam all day, stopping by trees for fruits as lunch and return at dusk to the comfort and warmth of my perfect bed. I would often spend my days in this manner enjoying the winds and enjoying the nature. It was the time I truly connected with nature and made the most of beauty on offer. My father was planning to sell off this large chunk of land which was horrible considering the fact that they were building a township on that piece of land. I definitely didn’t want the woods I roamed as a child to be destroyed, making way for more concrete buildings. It was a horrible thought. One of the best things about this place was that, even though this place was so removed from everything in this world, all the food joints were on the road to this place and they would deliver at my door step. Just like the last Christmas, I had decided to call my friends over for a grand party. We decided to try the pizza hut online order system. 

    I had heard that the Pizza Hut home delivery was very punctual and since it had recently opened I was craving to try it. The pizza hut online ordering was easy and honestly very intuitive. The pizza hut offers make it even more temping and attractive. I never thought we could order pizza online India. I mean in a country like India I could Buy pizza online but it was the truth and I was a proud Indian. The party I organised was super fun and I really had a blast. It was the best time I had in here. We had lots of music, good pizza and a natural moon lit view that would charm anyone into love. It was so simple to fall in love with any one and anything at that point. We were all vulnerable. We eat like pigs really demolishing 5 large pizzas, countless bread, cokes and another smaller treats followed by the massive cake. By the next morning we had cleaned all the plates and licked our fingers clean. It was such a satisfying experience to enjoy and relax with friends. We all were tired by dancing and devouring all the food that was on offer. My friends and I had gotten used to such a spread being offered.

     The next day we woke up with a dazed unable to understand what happened last night. Even though we went berserk dancing the hall was in order and there was not even a spot of litter. I’m sure my parents would be proud of me. It was as we called it winter pizza madness.


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