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The Unsung Facts about Solo Female Travel

When you are a female and a solo traveler at the same time, you definitely find many pros and cons of your lifestyle. Many people will praise you and a few will distract you from your targets as well. Nonetheless, you must move on and on and on to achieve your targets.

Gender stereotypes

The pigeonholes in the society do exist, no matter where you are in the world. Be it India or Europe, you will often find men and women who may ask you stereotypical questions. Women are supposed to do certain things and have (or not have) a few capabilities. In cultures that encourage women, you will often find people who are willing to help you. Men and women may offer to carry your bags as you board the train, chat with you while having a coffee, or help you with directions.

On the other hand, you may also travel to some countries where women can only be wives, daughters, and mothers, but never solo travelers. You may attract unwanted attention at such places, encounter physical violence, or invite comments from unnecessary people. In short, you have to be more vigilant of your surroundings when you are a female.

Body image

Women are often told to look and behave in a certain manner. If you dare to cross that line of feminineness, you will often attract huge eyeballs in your direction in many western countries. People expect you to wear a lot of makeup every day, eat scanty food, and behave in a ladylike manner. The women who want to digress from the beaten path are often looked down upon.

When you travel to different countries, you realize that you don’t have to stick to a particular type of body image that you have always wanted, or least not get obsessed with it. While traveling alone, you will see or meet thousands of women who don’t care about wearing makeup on a daily basis. They rather prefer to work hard on their career or home than just looks of their face of body. You learn to be comfortable with your own skin, and brush off the negative comments that come your way.

Re-invent yourself

Being out there alone in the world gives you countless opportunities to discover yourself. You meet several people, make a few friends from other cultures, grow new ambitions, and re-grow your ambitions over and over again. When you return home, your family may not even connect with you again because you left as a completely different person than what you are now. You may change a lot more than you expected, and you have to make new friends with this changed personality. It is really hard to develop a good bond with people who you left behind. Sometimes they are even too jealous of you to be your friends again. And sometimes, you just cannot behave with them the way you used to.

Change is the only constant

Just like it is difficult to make friends back home, it is even tougher to find buddies on the go. You know that you are a solo traveler and you cannot commit to a friendship or romantic relationship, no matter how passionate you feel about it.

When you are out there on the Himalayas on your Car Rental Delhi, you may find your passion in driving, hiking, or living like a villager. However, you know that you have to move on and on and one; the world is waiting for you and you just cannot stop at one place. It sucks! It really does, sometimes!



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