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The Things To Do And Not To Do In Lawn Watering

A lush green, fresh and healthy looking lawn is indeed a beauty enhancer of your property or estate and it plays an important role in casting positive first impressions on the mind of the visitor. Taking care of your lawn is thus crucial and the very first step towards it is watering your lawn under professional supervision because a good number of myths are attached to this practice.

You may think that watering your lawn daily would ensure a healthy grown of greenery but you end up doing harm by overwatering. Overwatering would make the ground damp and swampy and plants would often sink and merge in water, sooner to perish.

As you overwater you end up washing away the fertilizing agents, otherwise applied for an optimum growth. Overwatering would unnecessarily waste an important resource like water. Plants having shallow roots would get over stressed as you overwater.

Consider all these negatives of overwatering and keep in mind some dos and don'ts.

The Dos:

1. Water your lawn an inch per week. This is very important for maintaining lawn health. If it’s humid, keep water in a bucket to know how much water the bucket retains once the sun is back.

2. Deep water your lawn. It has been noted that deep watering aids immensely in healthy growth of plants than that of shallow watering as plant roots can travel as much as five inches deep beneath the ground.

3. Optimizing watering benefits is crucial and this you can do by restricting the lawn to a smaller size as it is much easier and convenient to water smaller areas more thoroughly than that of the too very larger ones. If the lawn is bigger in any case make sure that you have chosen the right amount of water for it and the roots do not lie dehydrated.

4. Fertilizing the lawn as per its requirement is very important as the freshly fertilized lawns are noted to remain hydrated better, absorbing more water. However, don't forget to consult with a lawn care expert if you lack in your knowledge of fertilizing. Choosing the wrong fertilizer and wrong application of fertilizers can bring disaster to your lawn instead of retaining the lawn's freshness.

Some don'ts of lawn watering must also be kept in mind.

1. Avoid cutting the grass too short. You need to know how much to clip and how much to keep. Overcutting the grass will affect the root system yielding an unhealthy and dull lawn. When you are trimming the turf make sure that you don't trim more than two inches at a time.

2. Never be casual regarding watering the grass. This is said in another sense. The very faith the watering is to be done every single day itself is very casual. You need to be alert about the weather conditions. You should always be aware of the weather forecast and avoid watering the lawn if there's possibility of heavy spells. Setting a timer can be good but this may also lead you to being forgetful about the weather forecast. Don't tamper your lawn by overwatering it.

Lawn watering is an integral part of the lawn care services. If you lack professional knowledge about it, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Lawn Cleanup Scottsdale under Mast Lawn Care.


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Kenneth Hayes

The writer of this article develops contents for lawn care and maintenance service provider, Mast Lawn Care. It is the most notable lawn care company in Scottsdale.

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