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The Pride Machine

The race is postponed to next week, that is Friday and I really want to get the scorebroad settled with my opponent Rajiv. He has being winning the race since past two years of St. Peter's College and being a senior he always used to show off the shield and the trophies. My Dad brought me a New Ford Shelby GT500 three months ago with excellent off-road ability and strong V8 engine HORSEPOWER 662 (hp) @ 6250 rpm, RANGE IN MILES (CTY/HWY) 240.0/384.0 mi. and a MacPherson strut front suspension with power steering. Along with my Shelby I regularly started practicing for the race even keeping a keen fitness is necessary. Shelby's being maintained well I also realized that what I really required was to give the GT500 my personal touch or may be a total redesign with some elements of new LED's and personalized stickers would be a great idea. My brother Neel suggested the custom vinyl stickers to me where custom vinyl decals are cut out of high performance vinyl and available in a variety of colors and sizes.

I wanted its Rear Spoiler body to transform into metallic racer strips stickers. With a quotation on its Bumper -a caution mentioned over it and car window stickers with race strips .A Sagittarius zodiac sign just above the sticky label and a dragon on each sides of the ford logo on its bumpers. I was looking for the two more stickers for its Painted alloy wheels and car window stickers. I sorted down few of the car graphics stickers from the website. And search there engines for more they had a variety of different categories with various sub-categories involving even customized prints. To make a uniform gravity for no drag or wind I needed to add bumper designed to rant my car up. The order was been placed and the sticky decals just came in the right time as mentioned in its delivery due date. Exact in seven days' time-span. And even the rates were budgetary along with a lot of efficient discounts given I had already made up saving for my two months Gasoline.

The custom made sticker were ready to be given placement. The dragon sticker decals on the doors and rest all were set across the Shelby. Now my GT machine was ready to rock n roll the tracks. The day arrived and I was getting a bit of anxious with the race. I dressed up in the racer-suit designed by the sponsors with their brand name tags stitched on my suit. It was time for speed racing. I brought in my Shelby GT500 on the tracks. Everyone was astonished with the exterior appearance of Shelby. It has turned into something extraordinary. My friends were enthusiastic to know from where I remodeled my Shelby. The referee blew the whistle and raises the flag as our signal to race -on. V8 engine did help a lot to speed up. It was a magnificent race not only because I stood first but because it helped me grow up as a better racer. And my Shelby GT500 in the true sense became a pride machine.


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