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The physiotherapy services can Physiotherapy Singapore offer

Let’s see some of the most important physiotherapy services Singapore physiotherapy clinics have on offer for their patients.


Vestibular physiotherapy: although this illness is not as much heard of as other more common illnesses, it gives plenty of problems for those suffering from it. It can also occur as a result of an accident. What you need to know is, that vestibular disorder is closely connected to brain functions and some problems with it that leads to often pretty severe symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, vomiting, balancing issues and blurred sight. The clinic is working with three key methods to slowly but surely cure vestibular disorder:

  • Habitual
  • Balance training
  • Gaze stabilization

Each treatment is focusing on the different aspects of the syndrome and also depends on the patient’s exact symptoms.


Rapid physiocare:

Rapid physiocare methods can be successfully used, when it comes to shorter term rehabilitation methods for symptoms such as back pain, neck pain and other joint related pain, that’s easy to relieve with moving based therapy combined with other physiotherapy methods, which includes specific massaging techniques and movement therapy. The length of the treatment highly depends on the symptoms of the patient.

Lymphedema treatment:  lymph node disorder is a serious illness to which there is no cure to date. But thanks to physiotherapy lymphedema treatment methods there are certain methods to make the patient’s life way easier, gymnastics, massage and/or wrapping including other physical treatments such as lymphatic drainage treatment which makes the swelling decrease and controls the connected pain in the same time.

Orthopedic rehabilitation: this type of rehabilitation generally happens when it comes to fixing a deformity, such as spine deformity or it is used when it comes to injury related rehabilitations too. It’s also successfully applied when it comes to partially numb patients.

Muscoskeletal Treatment: if you are experiencing back, neck or spinal pain, it is likely that your muscles or joints have failed to move as expected because of something limiting them from doing so. This therapy is successfully used on everyone who either have musculoskeletal pain due to doing heavy physical work or on those who have this sort of pain due to having to sit or stand for a longer period of time on a daily level during their jobs.

Muscle pain treatment: You can easily have muscle pain, due to making an inadvertent move, doing sports professionally or on a regular basis or even due to the lack of movement. This pain is generally relieved by applying focused massage on the territory affected or by having patients do specific sorts of exercised.

Home care:  there are more and more people who decide to stay home instead of being kept at a hospital, however they need regular medical checks performed and most often than not, they also require a daily care. That’s why, there are specific nurses working at Singapore physiotherapy centers have skilled and experienced nurses particularly for giving home healthcare.

This is only the top of the iceberg as these are tons more services you can get in Singapore to heal you.


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