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The Inception

Passive sentences bore people. We needed to be more active with our clients in terms of giving them feedback to improve their brand and for that we were going to have a new launch to an ‘eco-friendly projects’ about solar energy plant in Delhi and it was time to pitch in with our Client and for that we had to go Delhi and we decided to travel by road from Amritsar to Delhi. Travelling 464 km is no big deal. I had new adventure to hop on to. While I had planned it to turn into a massive lead generation for our company’s net target achievements and as the head of department you certainly have more responsibility when you’re dealing with the governmental project which needs to be pitched with more alertness. Yet client briefing remains a major concern, if even a minor changes which needed to be acquired before the launch ceremony should be paved.

Fluffy words are not the insight we need to present, it was a little more nominal on the other end. I have been keen with all the details and paid heed to everything that includes my budget, software designs the PPT for presentation and the backs up’s creating a new mileage for the ravish navigation in a solar energy plant available for my team to participate in. Leisure is like wastage to us so, after having lunch at a local restaurant we moved ahead and to the new project which needs to be cemented with pleasant remarks. We don’t wanted to be ramble with the extreme ends which were particularly well reflective with the benefit of the general publics.

My team vision was clear and now we just needed to execute them. All of a sudden in those bumpy roads of NH15 we got a puncture on our ordinary tyres. And we are stuck in the middle of nowhere.  Having flat tyres and no spare tyre wreaked havoc. Raman my executive suddenly called up the JK TYRE’s Car station and within next twenty minutes our tyre were changes with their fix a tyre- a tyre care and maintenance program. That helped us a lot and in nick of time there service assistant changed our tyres. Introduce us with the new genre of tyre.  Also there online Tyre Selector recommended for every different car pioneering to the new category of tyre. I was amazed with their quick service and especially for a passenger car segment they provided a hatchback services. Going through their websites even I felt that the need is to maintain and understand the force of the cache to be more economical. The concept of our Solar Energy Project should provide more of the services which are eco-friendly and quick accessible by the common man and the rural project needs more implementation than urban public because of this we can build in the repot with the masses. I have achieved new theory considering with my pitch. Adjoining the new reach we continued our journey, I had more confidences on the JK tyres. They have given a true value for Tubeless Tyres and also helped in the inception of the idea to orchestrate the presentation well. 


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