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The Hazards of Driving Even for Good Drivers

Driving is more or less risky, be it any country in the world. Whether you live in a developed country with plush highways or a developing country with highways full of potholes, you are bound to face some life-threatening elements at the fault of yourself or others.

Driving these days has become so bad because of the traffic that people tend to do multitasking in the car just because they spend so much time in the vehicle. It is good to utilize your time when you are stuck at a traffic signal, but you cannot do online shopping while your hand is on the steering wheel. When you commute on a daily basis, you have to gear up yourself for the battleground called the highway.

Distraction is hazardous

Most people are distracted while driving an automobile. They would discipline their kids, attend phone calls, use different things, shave the beard, do makeup, wear clothes, interact with friends, eat food, drink alcohol, and even read a book while driving. All these acts are dangerous for their wellbeing and that of the others on the road. Even though most of the acts take only one second to do, and others are completed in just a few more seconds, you must know that more than half of the road mishaps happen because of that one-second distraction only.

Bad drivers

Good and bad drivers are always on the road, though the number of the latter has always been more than the former. Thanks to the roads that are becoming more and more congested by the day, especially in countries like India, that we are witnessing even more pathetic driving than before. Drivers all over the world have a tendency to glare at the other drivers when they cross each other’s ways because of any reason, but it is an unhealthy practice. While glaring at the other person even for a two seconds, your car is not in control your control, but you are in control of your car.


Unless you live in the hill stations of India, the entire country is full of pollution. When you hire Self Drive Car in Mumbai, you must drive to the nearby mountain places to keep your lungs healthy. Else, the condition of traffic is so worse in the cities that you just cannot keep driving for a few years at a stretch. This again brings us back to the fact that driving on your own has become hazardous.

You can take care of your driving, not to take the wrong turn, wear seatbelt always, change lanes with proper signals, and follow all other traffic rules. However, in India or any other developing country, you will always find thousands of bad drivers who put their lives at risk along with that of others.

It will take a long time for the Indian drivers to have good training from authorized driving colleges. Until then, we can do only one thing- drive carefully and minimize the risk for ourselves and others.



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