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the Having A Dazzling Look With Custom-Made Wedding Gown

The most adorable wedding gown which I have come across was custom made wedding dress. The mother of the bride told me its story because most brides did not like most of the bridal gowns her family could afford; her mother came up with a brilliant idea.
The mother made acquaintances with an oriental with an oriental woman who usually provides alterations for the customers. This seamstress had earlier impressed the bride’s mother with her outstanding stitching. When they were discussing, the seamstress informed the mother that she used to be a tailor in the country where she came from and she is good at making various clothing fit to any body shape.
The mother then asks her daughter to pick a wedding gown from a brides’ magazine photo. After taking the photo, she asked whether the seamstress would sew a custom made wedding gowns for her child. The seamstress answered that she would only sew custom made wedding dress during her spare time. This is not a challenge because the wedding was planned for months ahead and the custom couture wedding dress is not needed immediately. The interesting part of the deal is that the seamstress demanded for half the price of the ready-made gown if the mother agreed to buy the materials as well as other things which are needed to construct the gown.
A bride may not be lucky in getting this kind of offer for custom made wedding gowns, but there are other ways by which you can achieve a custom made wedding gown. One of which involves looking for a few bridal salons. Some of the tailors who work in the bridal gown shop will tailor a custom made wedding dress if you ask them, and they can also provide the materials as well an individual can also look for a good tailor who will alter the ready-made gown sold in the stores to the desired taste of the bride.
There are many benefits of having a custom made wedding gown. The first one is that the price will be relatively low to that of an average custom-made bridal gown, which may cost between $250 and $500, materials included, and this will fit the bride perfectly. This will be unique and the bride can also ask the seamstress to add some ornament which will go along with the theme of the wedding. The custom made wedding gown will be readily available for the wedding and it would be done at a reduced price.
It is essential to note the quality of the materials that would be used because higher quality materials would result to a better custom made wedding gown. An average bride would need around ten to 12 yards of cloth, and if needed, the same quantity of plus thread, buttons, lining, snaps, etc.
Another thing to avoid is the silk, this is because most tailors do not like using and some cannot work very well with real silk. However, synthetic silks are very perfect because they do not slip, lose shape or slide.
Another option which can be used for a custom made bridal dress is to choose a nice evening gown, and if desired, you can add pearls, lace, sequins or silk flowers with fabric glue. In this scenario, the headpiece as well as the veil would have to be purchased separately. Some shops sell the headpiece as well as veil within the range of $200 to $400.
If the process is perfectly coordinated, the custom design bridal gowns would help to enhance the beauty of the bride at the wedding. In addition to that, it would not weight heavily on the bride’s budget.


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