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The Garage Sale!

‘We must be the change; we wish to see in the world’ and this was just the beginning. The remodeling process is constant and we have come up with many new techniques and ideas. This year it’s gone be huge. Every year we plan this sale by selling our old stuffs in the neighborhood. We always come up with new techniques that boost the sale. This year we have planned something quite innovative. The theme always remains constant i.e. ‘best out of waste’ but the core material that we are using this year is a car tyre. It’s time to sell the recycle tyre. Ian had already researched about tyres and ways to reuse them, while I gathered all the required materials, like paints, colorful stone, jute, strings, decorative materials, etc. Besides there are more benefits of reusing a tyres as it saves energy, reduces pollution, there is a reduction in emission and creation of a complete new product. In that way we can reduce the environmental hazard.

With the help of tyre pyrolysis we have designed nearly 15 rough sketches of our craft. Pioneering the craft becomes easier when you like doing it yourself. Though this craft uses a simple DIY technique, we had to go through a lot of variation. Most of the time we had idea clashes, but that helped in improvising the standards. Different types of tires were used for creating this craft. We managed to gather some SUV tyres; radial tyres from the tyre puncture repair shop. We made tyre rope ottoman, tyre planter, tyre pots for small kitchen garden, mini tyre garden pond, tyre hangings for balcony, tyre wall hanging, tyre swing, etc. Though I was doubtful regarding the idea of mini tire garden pond but Ian brought off road tyres which enhanced the craft in a better way than before. The goods were packed in using recycle packages and the price tags were placed imprinted with our logo. I was happy with the outcome of the products. We have done minimum wastage in re-producing the items. We have used simple techniques and its very user friendly. I started this like a hobby than Ian asked me to have a joint venture and start off with a garage sale every year. The garage sale was a massive success, and 75% of the items were sold within two days. Everyone was impressed with the tyre art. Our customer’s feedback where quite positive, tyre footrest for sofa has become very popular we even got bulk orders for it. It was an amazing experience. As per the profit sharing deed, we always divide it half after giving away 50% of our income to the NGO for orphans. I’m planning in for the next assignment and mostly will include few of our best products made out of car tyres. I have worked out on more DIY ideas for waste management.

By creating a new range of recycled products I feel, I’m doing my bit, are you? Save your planet have a garage sale! 


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