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The Effects of Shoe Styles on Feet & Heels

In the world today, how someone presents themselves can be a critical component to success. Looking well taken care of can signal conscientiousness, that someone is working towards becoming successful, and help with first impressions. That being said, certain style fashions can put the body in unnatural positions. This is especially true for the feet, as many shoes may not quite fit the specific shape of everyone’s feet. This can cause major issues, as the feet carry the entire weight of the body. If they are put into uncomfortable and unnatural positions all day long, injuries may start to develop.

While certain shoe styles or poor fitting shoes may cause problems to occur within and surrounding the feet, not all foot conditions are caused by shoes. Certain toenail conditions, such as fungal toenails, may not be cured just by changing your shoes. Certain conditions are not at all helped by having ill-fitting shoes, as these shoes may only make the issue worse. Some foot conditions which should be addressed and can occur are ankle, knee, hip and back pain. In addition, pain in the balls of your feet, heel pain, flat feet, hammer toes and tendonitis are all conditions that should be address.

With regards to heel pain, one of the most common causes of pain is called plantar fasciitis. This condition effects the areas in and around the heel and can be very painful and can cause irritation when simply walking. Thankfully, in the Northwest region people can find help for not only this condition but the different conditions listed above. If anyone is living near the Seattle region and is looking for a podiatrist in Seattle, look no further then Foot and Ankle. Foot and Ankle employs some of the best podiatrists in Seattle. The doctors at Foot and Ankle strive to give the best care possible and establish their care on evidence-based medicine.

The doctors at Foot and Ankle have much experience in this field of medicine, having over a decade of experience in the field. This dedication to their work and considerable experience in podiatry has made them some of the most renowned podiatrists in Seattle. This kind of reputation is earned with time and consistent dedication to great service. If someone is having heel pain due to Plantar Fasciitis, or any other foot condition, or pain cause by a foot condition, the podiatrists in Seattle at Foot and Ankle can help. At Foot and Ankle, surgery in regard to heel pain is viewed as a last result. In most circumstances the podiatrists can help alleviate issues without the need for surgery.

In the end, foot conditions can negatively affect someone's life in serious ways. As seen earlier, there are many issues that can develop that involve the foot in one way or another. Thankfully, the podiatrists in Seattle at Foot and Ankle can help with a variety of foot conditions. These podiatrists in Seattle are trusted doctors with great experience. Check out the Foot and Ankle website to get in touch and start the healing process.

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