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The digital buzz

I was one of the lucky few who had the knowledge and opportunity to study during a time when the country was grappling with a weak economy and poverty. Typical of that time, we went to England and studied in the best universities of that time. The education was very helpful in terms of knowledge and the impact the degree has is totally transforming. I could walk into any organisation and claim the top spot. It was that simple. That was my time. Throwing my weight let me get the best deals and make a killing but such tactics don't work in today's time and things have really changed now. Everything is more transparent making things a little more difficult to manage. With all the clarity however, it's becoming harder to mint money by doing business in a fair and just manner. Of course I let my son take charge and he brought in a surge in the revenues of the company. I really wanted to understand this change and understand what I did wrong.

One afternoon I decided to catch him free and in a cheery mood. I asked him to tell me exactly what he had done to turn the company around. How could he do it so easily without having to get up from his desk? Obviously this was some smart move which I needed to become aware of. 
He got me a nice cup of tea just how I like it and asked me to settle down on the couch. Then he went about telling me about things like social media and Media Planning and Buying. He told me about this social media agency he hired for the company. The social media marketing company was a creative agency for digital solutions. The social media marketing agencies in Mumbai were very skilled and had amazing reputations to defend. There are seo agency India that help companies show up quicker on the search engines. The search engine marketing agency help us get featured on the major search engines. My son had smartly hired the top seo companies in Mumbai to create the maximum impacts on the business. The massive leaps of business came from the internet. I was simply amazed at the advances of technologies that are taking place. It is amazing how things are getting smaller and faster. I was a big computer freak and now it was like I couldn't keep track of the growth and couldn't keep up. Finally I understood what he was up to and was amazed how such a big leap had completely slipped my notice. He was capable and successful in taking over the reins from me. It was about time to leave office. The sun was filtering through the shades of the window and I was moving closer towards the door when a thought struck me. I turned around and did something I wanted to do all my life. I decided then and there, I would retire.

I walked back to the chair and left my keys to my son. Gave him a broad smile and stepped out. I knew the company was in safe hands. It was time for the digital buzz to rise.


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