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The best tips to remove blood spots from clothes:

The staining of a piece of blood is one of the most frequent events that exist. It happens when, for example, unexpectedly your nose has started to bleed and the drops have gone to your shirt.

It also usually happens to children, for example, when wounds are made playing and cleaned with clothes. Surely you are tired of rubbing and washing this type of stains without achieving the desired result.

Effective advice by Laundry service before a bloodstain is to treat it as soon as possible, since the longer the waiting time the more difficult it will be to make it disappear.

Another usual advice on how to remove blood stains is simple and, surely, you will have heard it once: never soak or wash the blood-stained garments with hot water, since it is most likely to become even more embedded because the heat fixes the red blood pigment, hemoglobin, in the fibers.

So, always use cold water when washing the stained garment. But what if the brand is already dry? If you are wondering how to remove old or dried blood stains, read on, because then you will see that these tips are somewhat obsolete if you use Vanish products, regardless of the time it takes to clean the brand.

How to remove dried blood stains from clothes?

As we know how difficult this task can be if homemade products or lifelong tricks are used, Vanish wanted to help you and, therefore, created Vanish Action stain remover and, thus, achieve the best results. If you have trouble believing it, we invite you to check it out. Here are the steps on how to remove blood stains from clothes and get a result often with this product:

- First, choose the product of this brand that suits you best, powder, gel, etc.

- When you have chosen it, you will only have to add a Vanish Powder cup or half a Vanish Gel cap next to the detergent or, directly on the washing machine drum to remove stains.

- Then, wash the garment with the program you usually use.

- On the other hand, if you prefer to know how to remove spots of dried blood, then you will have to do one more step, but it will be as easy and much more effective than if you try it with tricks.

If you are looking for an easy solution, you should use Laundry service.


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