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The Art of Losing Friends as a Traveler

When you travel all the time without having a family or career back home, you lost more friends than you gain. I have experienced it first hand that your friends are no longer friends when you don’t have a stable life.

After returning home from a year-long vacation in London and nearby cities, I was so excited to meet my friends that I called them even before landing in Delhi. I wanted to meet all of them one by one, and then in a get together. However, it turned out that no one was as excited as I was.

Three friends told me that they were too occupied with work, so they couldn’t make it to meet me or come to the party. I met two friends individually, and they promised to show up at home for the party, but they never did. And three other friends talked on phone, but never showed up either in person or in the party.

I had only two people drinking with me while I was too upset to enjoy with them. I was grateful for them for showing up at my place, but I was too disappointed at the same time. Since I was just a beginner as a fulltime traveler, the reality struck too hard on me. After my friends left for their home, probably making fun of me and cracking jokes about me, I called my traveler friend Aisha from Italy.

Aisha didn’t laugh over the matter, but smiled at me over the video call, and told me that she knew it would happen when I was discussing meeting my friends with her. She said that she had already experienced the same situation before, and explained why and how it happens with almost every traveler.

After talking to her I realized that while people were calling me selfish for being too busy with my constant vacations, it was basically them who had become even more self-seeking than me. I at least bothered to call them every week or every month wherever I was in the world, but they thought that I was showing off.

My friends from school gossiped about me after they disconnected my call. We all had grown apart and now my mindset matched only with people whom I met on the go despite the race or religion.

While I would use the Self-Drive Car app to book a car for my trip and share the expenses shamelessly with other travelers, they would blame each other for being too thrifty for not sharing the expenses. When I would prefer calling my family back home very week, the schoolmates working in different cities would not even respond to the calls of their families. While they despise me for being who I am, I let them be what they are, and move on.

We have grown apart and I have accepted this fact. Things may change after a few years, but at least not now. Until then, I am happy traveling around the world and let my old school friends build their bank balance.



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